Terms of Service

The following terms of service apply to FastestLaps.com website.

Following terms were last modified on 16.11.2016 and may be subject to change in future.

I. Definitions

In context of this document, certain words and phrases have special meaning:

  • Service, Website - official website (FastestLaps.com)
  • We - service and website owner(s) and staff.
  • User - service or website user.
  • Member - user who has user account and is accessing the service from his/her account.
  • Rank - measure of member trustworthiness, expressed as number of "points".
  • Vehicle - motorcycle or car (including trucks and vans).
  • Hint - extra information helping to identify model, when multiple generations are sold with same nameplate.
  • Driver - person driving a vehicle for the purpose of performing a test.
  • Specification - specific configuration (transmission choice, options, performance packages, factory upgrades) of a vehicle.
  • Model - a range of one or multiple specifications sharing basic design and features.
  • Attribute - measurable vehicle property. Must be measurable with no driver involvement.
  • Model page - a website page of a model, listing tests, attributes and posts.
  • Moderator - member of staff.

  • Post - a comment for model, test or article, or stand-alone forum thread.

II. General

  1. Submission of invalid/fake/fabricated lap times or models is strictly forbidden.
  2. Abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material in your comments and/or forum posts that may violate any laws of your country or International Law is forbidden.
  3. Use of multiple screen names that may confuse other users is strictly forbidden.
  4. Only one account is allowed per person.
  5. Users who violate rules may have their IP address banned or account blocked with no prior warning.

III. Lap times

  1. Lap times set in track days or private track sessions can be submitted via e-mail address info@fastestlaps.com.
  2. Lap times are subject to moderator review. Links to on-board videos or GPS tracking files should be supplied with lap time submissions.

IV. Models

  1. New model can be added only if it has at least one significant difference that sets it apart from models already present in database. Significant differences can be:
    • Fundamental differences in "platform" - layout, chassis, frame or body
    • Different combustion engine type (cylinder count or configuration, induction type etc.) or more than 50cc difference in displacement.
    • At least 5 metric horsepower difference in peak power.
    • At least 10 Newton-meter difference in peak torque.
    • Significant weight difference.
    • Significant aerodynamic upgrades.
    • Addition of all wheel drive.
  2. When model represents more than one specification, following attributes must be used:
    • Lowest curb weight.
    • Power and torque of powertrain variation with highest peak power.
    • Largest dimensions.
    • All available powertrain variations and transmission options in powertrain and transmission description fields.
  3. Model name has three parts:
    • Make - automotive marque (Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Yamaha etc.)
    • Name - actual "model name" of the model. Must be common for all specifications within the model specification range. Leave out transmission designation, comfort trim name and other parts of the model name which are only relevant to individual specifications. ("911 Turbo" instead of "911 Turbo PDK", "Sharan 2.0" instead of "Sharan 2.0 CL" etc.)
    • Hint
  4. All cars must belong to one of the following model types:
    • Coupe - all Coupe body types, two doors, fixed top.
    • 4-door saloon - 4 door sedan type cars, excluding extra small pseudo-sedans.
    • Compact - hatchbacks, Kei-cars, small pseudo-sedans.
    • Convertible - cars with removable roof or no roof.
    • SUV / truck - sports-utility vehicles, pickup-trucks, large cross-overs.
    • Estate / vagon - European type "wagons", based on 4-door sedan cars.
    • Van - vans, MPVs.
    • Open - open wheel, or lighweight track cars in general.
  5. All motorcycles must belong to one of the following model types:
    • Classic - classical motorcycles.
    • Touring - touring motorcycles.
    • Cruiser - cruiser motorcycles.
    • Sport - high performance, lightweight, full fairing sports bikes.
    • Sport-touring - high performance touring motorcycles.
    • Dual Sport - motorcycles built for both on-road and off-road riding.
    • Enduro - street legal enduro competition motorcycles.
  6. Capital letters, spaces and hyphens in model name must be used according to manufacturers recommendation. ("McLaren" and not "Mclaren", "TDI" and not "TDi", "Rolls-Royce" and not "Rolls Royce", "Mercedes-Benz" and not "Mercedes Benz" or "Mercedes" etc.)
  7. Hint can contain following:
    • Generation number - letters "Mk", followed by space and Roman numeral ("Mk I", "Mk II" etc).
    • Manufacturers internal designation/chassis code. ("W124" for first generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class, "E60" for fifth generation BMW 5-Series etc.)
    • Power trim. Sometimes nameplate is available with different power outputs. Add to the hint amount of metric horsepower, followed by space and capital letters "PS". ("180 PS" for 180 metric horsepower version of Golf 2.0 TDI, "140 PS" for 140 metric horsepower version of same Golf 2.0 TDI etc.)
    • Facelift - small changes (often only visual) are known as "facelifts". To indicate a post-facelift model, add "facelift" to the hint. If there are multiple mid-generation "facelifts", add "first facelift", "second facelift" etc. (with all lowercase letters).
  8. As a hint, use manufacturers internal designation/chassis code, instead of generation number, when chassis code is better known and more widely used. ("E60" is better known and more widely used than "Mk V" to identify fifth generation BMW 5-Series, etc.) Use of both is also permissible.
  9. When same model is sold under multiple nameplates, use the most popular nameplate. ("Toyota GT86" instead of "Subaru BRZ" or "Scion FR-S" etc.)
  10. Manufacturers "official" published data should be used for attributes. If such data is not publicly available, data provided by automotive media (car or motorcycle magazines, TV shows) can be used instead.
  11. For "country of origin" attribute, you must specify the country where manufacturers headquarters are located.
  12. Speculative models representing future vehicles not yet confirmed by manufacturer are not allowed.
  13. Concept vehicles are not allowed.
  14. Models may not be immediately published and are subject to moderator review. Moderators reserve right to remove models with incorrect or lacking attributes.
  15. Models must be road-legal in at least one country, or built for racing in Formula 1, LMP1 or MotoGP.

V. Posts

  1. When quoting other resources and articles, it is required to provide reference to the original author and source of particular quotation. Quotations will be marked in italic to distinguish them from original content.

  2. Post can not consist entirely from quotations. Author must include at least 40 words of original content.

  3. Moderators reserve the right not to publish a post, if it is considered to be bad quality, unrelated to the theme of the website, or does not comply to fore-mentioned rules.

VI. Comments

  1. Comments must be meaningful and valuable for other users.
  2. Comments should be written in English.
  3. Correct spelling must be used in comments.
  4. Comments receive positive and negative votes from members. Comments with mostly negative feedback are hidden.

VII. Privacy policy

  1. We are committed to ensuring privacy of all service users.
  2. Service database may contain names and e-mail addresses of our members. This information is stored securely and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  3. Member e-mail addresses will not be used to send messages which are not part of or related to the service.
  4. Website depends on cookies to store session id which identifies member throughout multiple requests.
  5. Website uses third-party advertising companies, including Google AdSense, to serve ads. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

VIII. Disclaimer

  1. Information provided by the service is submitted by various users and, therefore, there is no guarantee of accuracy and we are not responsible for any incorrect data this service may return.
  2. We take no responsibility and will not be liable for the damage done by website being unavailable.