Bedford Autodrome GP lap times

Image of Bedford Autodrome GP

Bedford Autodrome GP

Country United Kingdom
Track length 6.12 km / 3.80 miles
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Rye  3m ago

2:55 e90 m3 with coilovers. Cup2s and about 10 degrees outside temp. Without traffic and bit more seat time I would expect to be in high 2.40s

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MikeFM2  6m ago

2:51 BMW M2 Stage 1, PS4’s -DRY

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Simon   6m ago

3:00 Dry/Sunny

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Josh  7m ago

Clio 172 Cup
Outside temp 4°c

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sam  8m ago

15-6-20/dry/civic ep3/3.00.03/ ns2r

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SlippySlidey  9m ago

This circuit needs an update. Theres an extra chicange before the hairpin on the back straight now.
16/03/20 Lotus 3:10 Dry-ish Standard Yokohamas

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Stuart Mitchell  11m ago

16/03/20 Clio 172 3:02 Dry

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Matt  2y ago


Mk4 Fiesta - 275bhp

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TheCook  3y ago

MX5 Mk1
Davanti road tyres

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ljk  3y ago

Mitsubishi FTO
Dry 02:56 R888

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Scoobyurabus  4y ago

Subaru Impreza 2000 (std) -
Dry 03:06 running Federal 595's
Wet 03:17 running Uniroyal Rainsport 3

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sroser  5y ago

@FastestLaps - should say GT not GP, sorry.