Imola GP lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. Radical RXC V8 unknown 1:50.23
2. Ferrari 458 Italia The Stig's Italian cousin 1:56.60
Image of Imola GP

Imola GP

Country San Marino
Track length 4.93 km / 3.07 miles
Track record 1:50.2 (Radical RXC V8)
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Fastedee  2y ago

Hammond did 2:03 in a Noble


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Joe  6m ago

Just after he crashed and went into a coma though so very tentative from him.

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SpeedKing  6m ago

The Stig did a 1:56.6 lap at Imola in a Ferrari 458 Italia :)

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FastestLaps  6m ago @SpeedKing

Which episode and season?

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SpeedKing  6m ago @FastestLaps

Top Gear series 18 episode 1, Jan 2012

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SpeedKing  6m ago @SpeedKing

Here's the Stig's Italian cousin lap


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196ss.  2y ago

Lamborghini Jalpa 3,5 - 2:14,08



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FastestLaps  6m ago

What magazine is that?

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manone  6m ago

when was that? in the 80s i suppose. It is incredible to see how Italian magazines were track data driven 40 years ago and are absolutely useless now.

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Burt  1m ago

Amazing driver: Piratella at 114 km/h in eighties with that tires on that car is amazing. The track is different from the current one: Tamburello is now a chicane and Villeneuve didn't exist