Ridge Motorsports Park lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Goins2754 1:57.67
2. Modified VW Golf R (Mk VII) Owen Shoemaker 1:58.02
3. Honda Civic Type R (FK8) AnonymousGPS 2:03.76
4. Modified Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Goins2754 2:05.40
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Ridge Motorsports Park

The Ridge Motorsports Park is located near Shelton, Washington, approximately 25 miles northwest of Olympia, Washington. The full road course is 2.47 miles long with 16 turns and a change in elevation of more than 300 feet from start to finish.

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Country United States
Track length 3.98 km / 2.47 miles
Track record 1:57.7 (Challenger SRT..)
Front-drive record 2:03.8 (Civic Type R)
Top speed 206 kph (128 mph) (Challenger SRT..)
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Curtis Heidel  1m ago

1.50.03 2016 GT350 9/20

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Reza Mapili  8m ago

2:02 average 2017 Type R in August 2017 with a best of 1:58 seconds by the end of the day complete stock.

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JTKC  8m ago

What is this record about? I know a lot of other cars running 1:4x 1:5x


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Goins2754  8m ago

It's just that I'm the only one that's uploaded a data file. To be honest, I wasn't even the fastest car in my group.

Still, it feels good to be the OFFICIAL track record holder here. :P