Max speed 225 kph (139.5 mph)
0 - 50 kph 3.4 s
0 - 80 kph 6.0 s
0 - 100 kph 7.9 s
0 - 130 kph 12.4 s


Power 141 kw (189 bhp / 192 ps)
Torque 180 Nm (133 lb-ft)
Displacement 1.8 liters (110 ci)
Engine type Inline 4, 16v
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6
Drive front wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2002
Home country Japan


Curb weight 1210 kg (2662 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 157 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 105 bhp/liter stats

FL Rank Position - 1219/1598, 0 points
Page views 19855
Car submitted by unknown

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2002 Toyota Corolla TS

Photo of Toyota Corolla TS
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Lap Times (2)

Track Time Position Faster than Slower than
Hockenheim Short 1:24.30 690/743 Opel Corsa GSI Seat Leon 1.8T
Castle Combe 1:37.50 w 28/32 Seat Leon Cupra Ford Focus ST 170

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Community comments (21)

  9 months ago
Been rocking this for 3 years+
Love the car, very decent to live with and will smash the back doors in of a lot of other motors. Cheap running costs and incognito looks made me opt for the pfl. Anyone that says its slower than the heavier celica ts or genuinely believes its 8.4 time is an obvious armchair critic and has clearly never had the misfortune of coming up against one.
It isnt without its negatives though, fuel consumption is poor for what it is, but you bought it cos it was quick so who cares.
Brake sliders seize, but its 40 quid for all four corners so no biggie
And heater matrixes on earlier models are prone to going wrong.
Other than that it is a genuinely solid all rounder
  3 years ago
more info on the car... weight needs to be set to 1160kg... and for the face lift models to 1170kg... stated by official jap websites...
  3 years ago
We have something similar to this in the U.S, the Toyota Matrix, this could be the same car with a different name.
  3 years ago
@ thatcho: You have good taste in vehicles, Toyota is my favorite Asian car company, your Supra and Hilux are both fast and reliable. In America, we know the Toyota Hilux as the Toyota Tacoma, and they're really popular over here. I'll bet that Corolla TS is a blast to drive.
  3 years ago
Yo guys. Currently I own a supra an evo and a 4.0ltr v6 hilux all fully done by rob green. All the above perform and that is expected. Imports are reicoulosly cheap in botswana. Few weeks ago I got a call about an insane blue runX. Kitted with coilovers full TRD pipe system and a chip. TRD engine earthings and a short shift box along with a cold air intake system. The small car was so fun to drive and I cudnt believe tht the 1.8 motor was so fun nd nippy. I enjoyed raping the gti's vtecs and a number of 325's. Altho not in my other car's league I bought it. Its insanely fun and a true testiment to toyota.:) find a small engine to rape my rsi I dare u:) if u do my supra will b waiting;)
  3 years ago
@monkeypop heres a banana...
Now stfu and stick ur lug nuts up ur butt hole just like ur pick up faggy
  3 years ago
0 to 60 in 6.7 secs top speed 150+mph...
139mph is 5th gear maxed... And it has 6 gears... DUHHH!
  3 years ago
@ Monkeypop : Lol! That was good one!
  3 years ago
"everyone who talks shift about these cars never drove or owned them..."

Or they just dont like it, or drive a better car, or think its ugly, ect, ect.

I've never driven one but I can tell you without a doubt I would not like the car even if I had driven it. My pickup truck has better acceleration.

The lug nuts on my car require more torque than this car produces LMAO

Yes, I am trolling. Cant help myself.
  3 years ago
O to 60 time i set was 6.8 with a warn clutch... everyone who talks shift about these cars never drove or owned them...
  4 years ago
Dmonic1, why not compare the celica 2zzge to your VVL? most of your sr20 clan who claim to be stock have: branch, induction, exhaust, skimmed head, upgraded fuel pressure, 264 regrind cams etc, and still only do 14's.
  4 years ago
@dmonic: 14.7 with bolt-ons. 14.5 with mild mods and soon to be sub 14 :) the car itself is not the greatest, but the motor is hard to beat. reliable, economical and pretty damn good for n/a 1.8. mine pushes 160kW and just under 200 nm.
  5 years ago
It isnt slower than the celica, they are near on identicle. Same engine same gearbox and believe it or not the corolla was found to be more aerodynamic than the celica. Toyota wanted the Celica to look faster as it cost 4-5k more than the corolla.Topgear Magazine tested the corolla ts in the wet and got a 0-60 time of 7.3! High 6,s is easily achieved.
  6 years ago
The celica with the same engine is much quicker to 62. This may not be geared as aggresively. The 0-62 given I see everywhere. It was on an episode of Driven and got a reasonable review but the fact that it was slower than the celica was mentioned.
  6 years ago
keith, it wont though will it.
its not a quick car, a ctr is alot quicker and even the s/charged one is slower than the type r, its sad i know, but true.
hence why 1. it didnt sell was slated 3. toyota got shot of it.
  6 years ago
this caR is a drivers car, it will make some turbo cars look silly, but u hav to launch it at 7000+ rpm
  6 years ago
Don't believe the reviews or conservative figures Toyota claim trust me having no
expectations jumping in this car all changed when I went through a few gears especially after 6200 the cut in is strong although a little late than vtecs but when your on the back roads it definatly comes in action handling okay if your in optimum gears with the traction of the car does torquesteer in the vtec range but hey that's what it's all about car is definatly quicker than the suggested 8.4 to 60 more like 7.3
the car is definatly not slow if driven properly good alternative to other vtecs.....
  6 years ago
The picture shown is of a pre facelift ts, The facelift ts looks much better and also handles better due to a 20mm drop stiffer springs uprated shocks and the addition of front and rear strut braces. I love it how everyone thinks its a "piece of shit" just because its, number 1 a corolla 2 Doesnt have the loud bodykit and number 3 everyone sees its 0-60 time of 8.4 secs and think this must be correct, when in truth there is no difference between the ts and a civic type r in a straight line, which suggests to me the real 0-60 time of the ts is 6.9/7.0.
  6 years ago
I been having it since a little over a year. 7.5-8 l per 100km, in winter (with airco on), and 7.5 sec is very feasable 0 to 100kph. Its Jekyll and Hyde character is very convenient for me, personally. It handles well, but suspension is more comfy than sporty. RunXrsi in SA is XRS in States ?, 180 bhp vs 189 bhp (141kw, 192ps)? , a Celica (same engine and gearbox) is slightly better, but no airco...
  7 years ago
This "piece of shit" have the same 1.8 VVTL-i motor that equip many Lotus...

0-100km tested by owners is more like 7secs.

And about fuel consumption, you can do 6-7,5L per 100km.

I like this bastard :)
  7 years ago
Piece of sh1t , its called the toyota runX rsi in south africa, owners think its the best car ever invented, with heavy mods the best quarter mile it got was 14.7, it handles terrible and is very troublesome
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