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2 months ago XE - perhaps the best looking Jaguar sedan yet

Jaguar unveiled the brand new XE sedan - a replacement for long since discontinued X-type.

The X-type was intended to compete with the German executive saloon "holy trinity" - Audi A4, BMW 3-series and the Mercedes C class.

Judging by how sparse the X-type is on streets these days, this intended rivalry didn't exactly play out according to plan. The first generation "baby Jaguar" was often criticized for its mundane roots - skeptics saw it as no more t... read more

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3 months ago Even more tracks from Australia

Fastestlaps.com welcomes two more tracks from Australia - Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit and Winton Motor Raceway National Circuit.

These tracks were also used by Australian magazine "Motor" for testing production cars.

Many more laptimes coming very soon!

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4 months ago New track from Australia and a stack of laptimes

It's easy to miss something that happens on the other side of the planet.

That's why I don't feel ashamed announcing that I have completey missed the Australian "Motor Magazine" and the frequent track testing they, apparently, have been doing for over a decade at the Wakefield Park in New South Wales.

I have to thank the very kind FastestLaps visitor Nathan who, likely being from Australia himself, has compiled this very nice laptime sheet for all Motor Magazine times ever published, several of which even predate FastestLaps.com.

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4 months ago Le Mans 2014 - not your typical Audi victory parade

I could have titled this piece "Audi win Le Mans for the 13th time with a one-two victory", but a headline like that would lead you to believe that the 2014 Le Mans was easy win for Audi, start to finish, while in truth, it was quite the opposite, and results do not tell half the story.

As late as my slow internet connection and sparse Piratebay seeders (bless them regardless) allowed, I eventually downloaded and watched this years race in all of it's 24 ... read more

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6 months ago McLaren P1 and La Ferrari wait, while Porsche 918 breaks records

Few days ago Motortrend released 11 minute video feature on Porsche 918, complete with instrumented straight line tests and a timed run on Willow Springs Big Willow circuit.

The timed run by Randy Pobst is especially notable, because it set a new production car lap record at the Big Willow, surpassing the Viper ACR by ridiculous 2.5 seconds!

The 2.4 second 0 - 60 time as well as best ever figure-8 and braking marks were also impressive. Until they g... read more

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