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6 days ago Shame on Ferrari, shame on McLaren

Last weeks Top Gear episode revealed just how cowardly and insane are the people who run Ferrari and McLaren.

It is known for years that certain car-makers take TV tests too seriously.

Ferrari has dragged a team of factory mechanics along with their media cars, just to make sure all suspension and tyre settings are dialed-in perfectly for whatever track the magazine or TV show had chosen for testing.

McLaren have been using "media test enhancement... read more

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3 weeks ago Lightning from a clear sky - Assetto Corsa review

Past decade has been exciting for software developers. We witnessed the rise of modern smartphone with iOS and Android. We saw the transition to 64 bit computing and enjoyed great advancements in computer graphics, HD, 4K, stereoscopic 3D, and first proper virtual reality systems.

Unfortunately, not all branches of software industry enjoyed the same amount of innovation and support. For each PC simracer there are 20 casuals craving nothing more than a simple need-for-speed ex... read more

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3 weeks ago Will Cayman GT4 upset Porsche hierarchy?

Porsche has been accused of intentionally "holding back" the mid-engine Cayman and Boxer line, to "protect" the more expensive rear engine 911 models.

Cars with mid-mounted engine are believed to inherit better balance and less understeer than rear engine or traditional front engine vehicles. Despite this inherit advantage, Cayman and Boxster never received the bigger displacement or turbo-charged engines. Cayman and Boxster also did not have a track-oriented "... read more

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1 month ago Ferrari one-ups McLaren with 488 GTB

We are witnessing a dawn of a new era of turbocharged Ferrari. F40 fans - rejoice!

Last year the launch of California T was significant, because it signified the return of forced induction Ferrari.

California T served as a launch platform for a brand new Ferrari v8 engine with two turbochargers and 3.9 liter displacement. In California trim this engine produced 560 horsepower, however, it was rumored that this engine was capable of reliable outputs f... read more

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2 months ago Honda reveals production NSX

It has been 10 years since the last Honda NSX rolled off the production line in Suzuka, Japan. The decision to stop production was based on weak sales in the final years of production.

In late 2005 or early 2006 a car enthusiast with $100k to spend on a fast car was spoiled with choice. Why spend all that money on a V6 Honda when you can have the brand new 500 horsepower V8 C6 Corvette Z06 for less?

It was simila... read more

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