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2 months ago McLaren 650S - a good facelift and bad redesign

The new 650S looks great until you walk around, and realize it's not a redesign at all - it's the same chassis, same lines and same body panels as the MP4-12. Except for the face, of course.

There has, probably, never been a better real life example of "facelifting" in automotive design. The 650S face is brand new, very "P1" and indeed lifts the car. Somewhat.

Borrowing looks from the P1 is no sin, since it is, perhaps, the most progressive and simply best ... read more

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2 months ago Ferrari returns to turbo with the California T

Ferrari has "cracked under pressure" and turned to the "dark side" of forced induction.

Throttle response perfection and free-revving purity will give way for lower emissions and fuel consumption. It's more "common sense" and less "irrational emotion" for Ferrari's new entry level V8 convertible.

At least it's still a V8.

This brand new Ferrari engine will join a host of successful twin turbo V8 implementations from BMW, Mercedes, Audi and... read more

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3 months ago Top Gear is back!

A quick visit to finalgear.com made me realize I was off on TopGear again. I wasn't following the news and rumors on when the current season will or may start, and nobody on fastestlaps.com told either.

But deep down I had this flair it was just about time for another series. When at last I decided to check the finalgear.com counters, this is what I found:

"The latest episode of Top Gear finished airing 0 hours, 3 minutes, and 34 seconds ago."

Oopps. I did it again.

I missed the season start. At least this time not by a couple of episodes, but, rather, by just a few minutes. If you missed it too, now you know it's time to fire up your bittorrent client and get leeching!

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3 months ago Who is excited for F1 2014?

I will admit, I lost formula one around midway through the 2013 season. That cocky German kid was to be crowned world champion again, those soft drink blue cars were to take the manufacturers championship.

I have seen it all before. I wanted excitement. Intrigue. Competition.

Red Bulls did seem promisingly slow at the season start, and Mercedes did look like they had improved. It was a small glimmer of hope. A lone candle of hope in a Red Bull wind tunnel.... read more

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3 months ago C7 Stingray Z06 brings 600+ hp, humiliates ZR1 on track

The 2014 auto-show season has kicked off with the North American auto show in Detroit opening for public today.

For me the star of the show is C7 Corvette Stingray Z06. I very well remember the "shock-wave" that C6 Z06 caused across the supercar stage in 2005. Suddenly there was a car worth less than half the price of "status quo" supercars, but with exceeding straight line speed and matching track performance.

If the C7 Z06 brings as much industry-disrup... read more

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