5 Dragrace result calculator - dragrace.me

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Why burn expensive rubber at the dragstrip when you have online tool that reliably predicts dragrace outcome, based on real acceleration data?

DragRace.me is a tool I wrote 8 years ago and later replaced with different type of website for pre-calculated acceleration data.

Recently I decided to reanimate this old project and make it compatible with current FastestLaps data service.

Unlike 8 years ago, today there are much more vehicles in Fastestlaps.com database which ...more

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18 Škoda claim 7-seater SUV Nürburgring record

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2018 Paris Motor show is about to start and car-maker marketing departments are working overtime releasing news designed to grab headlines.

VW group are now claiming another Nürburgring lap record, but not for a sports coupe or performance sedan. This time it's not even a front wheel drive hot hatch.

VW subsidiary Škoda are claiming they have worlds fastest 7 seat crossover - Škoda Kodiaq vRS. In hands of no other than Sabine ...more

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9 Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2 open-top supercars revealed

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Ferrari have just introduced new special edition front-engine open-top sportscar - the Ferrari Monza.

The name "Monza" is not new - it was already used for conceptually similar race car in 1950s (watch this awesome Jay Leno's Garage video of Admiral Robert Phillips and his original 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial S2). The big difference between original Monza/Mondial and 2018 car is that former uses small displacement four cylinder engine, instead of the ...more

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