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2 months ago 2 new tracks, 2 drivers and 60 laptimes

I have added two more tracks - Velo Citta and Ferte Gaucher.

Velo Citta is a purpose-built, FIA-certified racing venue in Brazil. It is used as testing grounds for Brazilian automotive show "Acelerados". One of the presenters and the man responsible for all Velo Citta times is Brazilian racing driver, former Ferrari F1 pilot Rubens Barichello, who is no stranger to racing street cars against stopwatch, having previously held TopGear "star in reasonably priced car" reco... read more

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2 months ago Nurburgring speed limits - silly and outrageous

Since the deadly accident at Nurburgring VLN race back in March, German motor sport association has introduced speed limits throughout the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

No one should be upset about motor-sports sanctioning body caring or pretending to care about spectator safety, especially if this is considered to be only temporary measure.

What did cause outrage was owners deciding to apply same limits to all track activity, outside racing events an... read more

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2 months ago 1386 horsepower electric car poised for Pikes Peak victory

One of the more exciting annual events in motor-sports is the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.

2015 may be a special year for the event, because there is a good chance of witnessing electric car winning in overall standings for the first time in the 93 year history of Pikes Peak.

The car in question is a purpose-built, 1386 horsepower, 2160 Newton-meter open-top prototype "eO PP003" built in Ogre, Latvia by the same people who brought us worlds first electric... read more

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2 months ago Alfa Romeo "shuts down" BMW M3 with Giulia QV

Move over, Ultimate Driving Machine! Italians are coming to spoil the German performance sedan party.

Everybody wants a piece of performance sedan market. Americans with Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V, Japanese with Lexus IS-F and, at last, Italians with the brand new Alfa ... read more

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3 months ago Le Mans tomorrow!

Le Mans 24 hour race is one of the biggest events in racing calendar, not just for sportscars but in entire motorsports. It is the single biggest race of all racing classes and the amount of investment it attracts from big car manufacturers can only be compared to likes of Formula 1 or WRC.

Last year in Le Mans we saw the return of Porsche to the LMP1 class and their first attempt at the overall victory since 1999 and the read more

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