Max speed Restricted at 241 kph (149.42 mph)
0 - 100 kph 3.0 s
0 - 100 mph 8.2 s


Power 373 kw (500 bhp / 507 ps)
Torque 407 Nm (301 lb-ft)
Displacement 2.4 liters (146 ci)
Engine type V8 Supercharged
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6 speed sequetial
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2008
Home country U.K


Curb weight 520 kg (1144 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 962 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 208 bhp/liter
1/8 mile (est) 7.2 s @ 93 mph stats

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2008 Caterham Super Seven RST V8-Levante

Photo of Caterham Super Seven RST V8-Levante

Community comments (24)

  9 months ago
i mean frontal area x cx =11 in lotus seven whcich is like jeep grand cherokee typical compact car have around 6 thats why lotus s7 on high speed sucks
  9 months ago
i mean all :frontal area x cx = in lotus seven is around 10-11 which is like for egzample jeep grand cherokee form 2006 for egzample typical compact car have around 6 .
  9 months ago
power to weight ratrio is one ,other thinks is AERODYNAMIC this car have small frontal area but enormous Cx like much bigger car close to for egzample jeep grand cherokee 2006 thats why it is slow to other car with close hp/weight ratio ,but top speed is defenitwely restricted even with that bad aerodynamic this car with 500 hp should go to around 270 km/h where typical sports car with this power go around 300 km/h,for egzample i measured acceleration 175 hp caterham form 160-180 km/h in 4 second the same power to weight ratipo car like bmw m5 do this 2 Times quicker .
  2 years ago
I agree. Looks very spectacular, but it is not.
  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
To be honest, I don't think that's a rather impressive laptime for this car... Slower than 458, having almost THOUSAND bhp/tonne? Really?...

And 0-100 mph in 8.2 sec? So that's slower than BMW M6?... But 0-100 kph in 3 seconds bare... What a wheelspin does it create at the speed after 100 kph?...

  2 years ago
500 horsepower?! 1144 LBS?! HOLY CRAP! 8O
  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
A V8 with 500 PS in a 520 kg light car like Caterham? Incredible!

But I do not know why the topspeed is restricted at 241 kph? Why not 250 kph or no restriction?
  3 years ago

The Ariel Atom 500 V8.
  3 years ago
This or atom v8?
  6 years ago
Poor traction and braking, no match for an SR8.
  6 years ago
This car is amazing. V 8 super charged, but still slower than the R500?!?

These are go-car-ts. Power to weight ratio is off the roof. Double checked that top end speed, it would be 241 kmh/s, cars are limited to 250 kms where I live.

And there are many places to do that as well.

You can put all you negative things together, but a petrol head would know that this is no toy nor is it a car you over look.

And how much does the gumpert Apollo Sport Cost?
  7 years ago
Yep bad traction off the line....
  7 years ago
0-60mph 4.8sec(EVO) - Great result)))
  7 years ago
HOW MUCH!!????
  7 years ago
no way. its a waste of money, thats why there only going to make 7, not because its great, but because CaterHAM new that NOBODY would buy this waste of money, im not saying its a bad car but its TOO damned expensive, the CSR260 is already plenty fast and track capable, since they have that i dont see any point in making this, if ya want a fast car for $198,000 and 500 bhp get a Fisker Latigo CS now THATS th PERFECT car..
  7 years ago
I would easily if I had it. 500 hp and 1000 lbs? It should be more.
  7 years ago
who the hell woud pay $198,000/Ģ115,000 for this thing??
  8 years ago
yes it does SO...thats the stupidest thing i have ever herd, its plenty stock if it de-limited, and besides if any car is limited that thats NOT the cars true top speed its its limited top speed not its true top speed. like the clk gtr, its limited to 200 cause its bull shit but it WILL hit 215..and i should yes 200 PEAAACE..
  8 years ago
no it does NOT... in stock trim it does 150mph... if modded with removed limiter it isnīt stock anymore... most German high power cars are restricted to 155mph no matter how much faster they could go without limiter.. the topspeed is 155mph ..and the Caterham topspeed is 150mph
  8 years ago
Contrary to what they say, your right it IS restricted to 150 BUT, it does do 200 even..
  8 years ago
Data corrected to Caterham factory claims.. it does not 200mph it is restricted to 150mph ..Data were published in the Caterham life magazine February 2008 page 3 Issue 42... magazine is online at the Caterham hompage
  8 years ago
um this does 200 mph
  8 years ago
Where is you have got this info?
On caterham's site i saw 240 kmh, 500hp(
I think this car sucks.
RST-V8 company did this caterham some years ago. It was 320 hp power first and 575 kg, because it's sv version of caterham for not only "little" people. It was quite raw tuning. They have been developing this car but i don't think they had much money so it's raw now too. And now caterham want to boast of their new politics, new revolution progress and new cool models and i think caterham arrenges with this little company, that caterham calls it's caterham car and this company say nothing about real creators of this car. And they have to limited max speed, which is the biggest defect of caterhams because of they not much power. It's stupid idea, they had to work with aerodinamics, but they don't want to spend some money to do it. And 520 kg is not true mass i think. On caterhams site was written "from 520". I don't think it realy weighs less than 575. And last thing. It costs 230000 dollars. It's three caterham R500. It's very much more real price.
So i think it's raw and very expensive car and have no advantage over r500 maybe except time from 100kmh-....
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