Max speed 386 kph (239.32 mph)
0 - 80 kph 2.7 s
0 - 100 kph 3.2 s
0 - 180 kph 7.8 s
0 - 200 kph 9.4 s
0 - 300 kph 22.0 s
0 - 60 mph 3.2 s
0 - 100 mph 6.3 s
0 - 150 mph 12.8 s
0 - 180 mph 20.3 s
0 - 200 mph 28.0 s
1000 m 19.6 s @ 285 kph
1/4 mile 11.1 s @ 138 mph


Power 467 kw (626 bhp / 635 ps)
Torque 647 Nm (479 lb-ft)
Displacement 6.1 liters (372 ci)
Engine type BMW V12
Engine location middle

General data

Gearbox 6 speed
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 90 l
Year of introduction 1993
Home country Great Britain


Curb weight 1140 kg (2508 lbs) +
Size 4.29 m (169 in) long, 1.82 m (72 in) wide and 1.14 m (45 in) high
Wheelbase 2.72 m (107 in)
Track width 1.57 m (61.7 in) front, 1.47 m (58 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 549 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 103 bhp/liter
1/8 mile (est) 7.2 s @ 107 mph
1/2 mile (est) 17.0 s @ 163 mph stats

FL Rank Position - 250/1769, 10 points
Page views 60504
Car submitted by unknown

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Photo of McLaren F1

1993 McLaren F1

Photo of McLaren F1
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Lap Times (1)

Track Time Position Faster than Slower than
Tsukuba 1:04.62 d 23/317 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V Chevrolet Corvette Z06

McLaren F1 racing rivals

Koenigsegg CCR, Koenigsegg CCX, Koenigsegg CC8S, Mosler MT900 GTR XX, Ultima GTR 500

0 - 100 km/h
Ferrari 458 Italia 3.1 s
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 3.2 s
McLaren F1 3.2 s
Porsche 911 GT2 RS (997) 3.3 s
Bugatti EB110 SS 3.3 s
0 - 200 km/h
Ferrari 458 Italia 9.2 s
Koenigsegg CCX 9.3 s
McLaren F1 9.4 s
Ferrari Enzo 9.5 s
Ultima GTR 500 9.5 s
1/4 mile
CLK GTR Super Sport 11.1 s @ 134 mph
Ferrari 599 GTO 11.1 s @ 131 mph
McLaren F1 11.1 s @ 138 mph
Pagani Zonda F Clubsport 11.1 s @ 131 mph
RUF Rt 12 S 11.1 s @ 132 mph

Community comments (250)

  10 months ago
@ Flabernat: Cool video, that's an impressive looking engine. :)
  10 months ago
Anyone else see Jay Leno take the engine out of his F1 recently?
He posted a video up of it. Definitely worth a look-see :)
  10 months ago
Whoops, I meant a 4-seater in the Evora, not a 4-door. However, they did make the "Eterne" concept sedan, which I think they may actually put into production. They're in the position Porsche once was, and are in desperate need of something to put them back on the map.
  10 months ago
I know the interview Fifth Gear made with Gordon Murray. But it seems she was more interested in his F1 than in the T25. :D
  10 months ago
19% of porsches total sells this year were 911s, 52% the cayenne, cayman/boxster 16% and the panamera 13%

so yeah, manufactures pretty much rely on practical cars if they want to survive.
  10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
Oh great, what an improvement over the F1... From kings to servants...

"and even Lotus made a four-door."

Wait. Either you're kidding, or I completely missed something... What is the Lotus saloon? Do you mean the old Lotus Omega Carlton?
  10 months ago
@ CoolShirtGuy: I like it, I think many car makers make a mistake when just focusing on building one car, It's good McLaren is trying to be more diverse.
  10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
It is a radical departure, but everyone's doing it/has done it in one form or another. BMW is making a minivan, Aston Martin has a sedan, Porsche was saved from the brink of bankruptcy by an SUV, Ferrari made an AWD 4-seater, Mercedes has a small family car in the A-class, and even Lotus made a four-door.

And that's not even mentioning all the hybrids and electrics that are cropping up now. If you'd walked into a Ferrari gathering, say, 10 years ago and told everyone that their favorite automaker would make a Hypercar with a hybrid powertrain, you'd have gotten jumped. Or at least had a few scalding-hot mochachinos thrown in your face.

People are starting to care less and less about performance, and more about things like efficiency and practicality. Sports cars isn't as big of a market as it used to be. Just ask Porsche. They sell more sports cars than any other automaker by far, yet ever since the Cayenne SUV was introduced, it's been their primary moneymaker. If I'm not mistaken, I think just last year the Cayenne alone, in its various trim levels, made up over 60% of Porsche's total sales worldwide. They branched out and went from hanging by a thread, to becoming pound-for-pound the world's most profitable automaker. So it's only logical that others follow suit and attempt to replicate that success.
  10 months ago
I'm no fake! I can be contacted at
  10 months ago
@ fake fastestlaps: Screw You!!
  10 months ago
You are banned from this site. Please contact administrator (
  10 months ago
@ Fangio Man: That is the most dramatic departure from a car company's norm I have ever seen! I know McLaren for making supercars, but the T25 is an economy car! It reminds me of cars like the Smart ForTwo and Toyota IQ, (known in America as the Scion IQ).
  10 months ago
@Fangio Man
The "T.25" is a huge departure of what we're used to from Mr Murray.
But I hear the big news with that car is that he's re-invented the way it's manufactured and shipped out. Fifth Gear did an interview with him a little while back.
  10 months ago
I guess all of you know who designed this masterpiece, the McLaren F1: Gordon Murray. He designed great cars for manufacturers like Brabham and McLaren.

But his new creation is beyond good and evil! It is called Gordon Murray Design T.25! Designed for ecological efficiency. It does not look very spectacular, but it satisfies the target it was made for.

Here a link to a picture:
  10 months ago
@Sir MixAlot
I did not get the exactly meaning of your comment, but if you meant this cars quality is bad, you are wrong.
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
@The Horn Monster
No, sorry, my post is on the wrong place. It is for the P1 site.
  11 months ago
DUDE! the time for mclaren f1 was on NFS SHIFT and you guys believed it???

  11 months ago
I think the picture of the 6:33 was taken when the time was still running.
  11 months ago

THAT'S your best comeback....i don't even feel the need to discuss with you anymore
  11 months ago

people on this site have become paranoid for trolls after we had to deal with the same troll over and over again and because of that they are taking no chances, the best would be to just stay within the rules
  11 months ago
jason is the same troll as classics dreamin, nice bmw etc.

just ban him
  11 months ago
video games don't count as a source, it has to have been done in real life
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
Mine too.
I just listed the "most necessary" of them. ;)
  11 months ago
@ Fangio Man: Nice cars, a lot of exotics. My real dream car collection would rival Jay Leno's, my garage would have to be the size of a shopping mall parking lot! :D
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