Image of Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake

Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake specs

Car type Convertible
Curb weight 1035 kg (2282 lbs)
Dimensions 3.96 m (156 in) long, 1.73 m (68 in) wide, 1.25 m (49 in) high
Wheelbase 2.29 m (90 in)
Power / weight 784 ps (773 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 605 Nm (446 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 1967
Origin country United States
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Submitted by Super8


Top speed 323 kph (201 mph)
0 - 100 kph 4.0 s
0 - 60 mph 3.8 s
1/4 mile 12.4 s


Engine type Ford Big-Block FE 427 Supercharged
Displacement 7.0 l (427 ci / 6997 cc)
Power 811 ps (800 bhp / 597 kw) @ 5600 rpm
Torque 626 Nm (462 lb-ft) @ 2800 rpm
Power / liter 116 ps (114 hp)
Transmission 4 Speed Manual (2.72 ratio)
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Monolith29  6m ago

the reason they say the f40 was the first is due to the year, i mean the only way back than to get a real recognised top speed was to have certain officials present. maybe even needed someone from guiness book there also, because i know of many road legal production cars that hit above 200mph wayyyy before the f40. please correct my first 2 points if you know it to be wrong, also if asked i could list maybe 10-15 200mph cars prior to the f40.

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uptownfunker  3y ago

This was never a production car; if it was, nobody would be saying the first 200mph production car was the Ferrari F40.

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Shaggy  6y ago

@Fangio Man: You said a mouthful, my friend! Oh, yeah, I'm back!

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Fangio Man  6y ago

Cobras design is just timeless!

The Cobras, Minis and some more cars I do not remember at the moment, exteriors never should had been changed.

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Super8  7y ago

There's two of this snake but only one that survive until now. CSX 3015 and CSX 3303. CSX 3015 had 4 Speed Manual while CSX 3303 rumored had 3 Speed Auto but CSX 3303 is gone to the Pacific ocean cuz... you know... leaving te CSX 3015 to be the only one in the world

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Super8  7y ago

I update the old data because the performance is wrong. You see this car has Shelby Daytona Acceleration and very fast top speed. If you wondering how fast this car, try to see Bill Cosby 200 mph album. That's refer to this car top speed. But all of that crazy performance is not balanced by it's handling so this car will make you go to heaven quickly before you know it