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Suzuki Ignis Sport specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 910 kg (2006 lbs)
Power / weight 120 ps (118 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 154 Nm (113 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2003
Origin country Japan
Views 19.9k


Top speed 185 kph (115 mph)
0 - 100 kph 8.9 s


Engine type Inline 4, 16v
Displacement 1.5 l (92 ci)
Power 109 ps (108 bhp / 80 kw)
Torque 140 Nm (103 lb-ft)
Power / liter 73 ps (72 hp)
Transmission 5
Layout front engine, front wheel drive

Laptimes 3

Ignis Sport rivals

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MeandIGGY  4y ago

It’s a nice chassis and handles well, but it needs a more powerful engine and stiffer engine mounts. I haave had a million hot hatches, and this is fun when all things considered, but super fast it ain’t.

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Jamin  6y ago

I have done 110,000 miles in the Ignis Sport. Have owned over 20 cars before - Alfa (1.3-1.5-1.7-2.0-2.5-3.0-2.5), BMW (3.0), Ford, Citroen, Fiat, Renault, Subaru, Rover, Peugeot (including 16v 106 Rallye) and currently have the Suzuki, a 3.0 BMW and a 3.0l Subaru and the Ignis is really, really fun. Every drive is 100+ smiles per mile. I regularly do 300 miles a day in it, and b-roads are awesome. Excellent little chicken-chaser.

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WILZTA  7y ago

Itg profilter fitted and 45kg removed ie. Rear seats, spare wheel and other crap, plus running on 98ron petrol which is the only stuff this things runs on properly due to the high compression ration, and I am getting roughly 7 to 7.5secs 0-60. I raced a mgzr 160 with minor mods uphill and the zr only gradually pulled away after 80mph,also the iggy left the zr for dead aroud the bends.

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ben  7y ago

An awesome car, i must agree!
I own a 2005 ignis sport, with a cat back scorpian exhaust, an induction kit a remapped ecu, strut brace and whiteline arb.
It really does make a mockery of MUCH more expensive machinery!
My friends own mini,s and vtr,s etc and the little ignis shows them its exhaust pipe around any twisty bits of road, it really does have an amazing chassis and really good mechanical grip, and can be hustled at a ridiculous pace with a confident and able driver behind the wheels, but its also happy in town or on the motorway (allthough does rev fairly high on the motorway @ 70mph) i think the person who called it \"a crappy city car\" obviously has not driven one, and probably hasnt even taken the time to look at the reviews of the vehicle!

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WILZTA  8y ago

on track i left a fabia vrs for dead around the bends and to 80 mph. i would say its on par with a c2 vts but better handeling and massivly better reliability. until you drive one dont slagg it off. its the closest thing to a 80\'s hatch rattles and all. and btw i timed it 0-60mph using gps, 0-60mph = 8.3seconds. standard except 16x6.5 rays te37 replicas, 205 T1R proxes and struts braces. stripping it out soon to try and get under 8secs.:-)

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A  8y ago

\"Suzuki Ignis Sport racing rivals
Skoda Fabia RS, Suzuki Swift Sport, Citroen C2 VTS, Ford Fiesta ST, VW Polo GTI\"

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Yo Wilzta  8y ago

\"who care\'s? this is city boxed car... who cares about its 0 to 400 metters performance?\"

Hey Anonymous, then why look up this car if you dont care? Have you even driven one?

Its an exceptionally good and fun car to rally from personal experiance and with a good driver its won multiple JWRCs... Its hardly just a boxed city car, it\'ll happily play on a country road or track with Mini Coopers, MG ZRs, Swift Sports, and any of the old school hatches (for example...)

And on track days you will see them overtaking much bigger hardware... Not defending it just providing the truth!

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Anonymous  8y ago

if you push 2nd 8.4 is a realistic figure but might not give the best 1/4 mile time due to a 'late' shift!

who care's? this is city boxed car... who cares about its 0 to 400 metters performance?

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Yo Wilzta  8y ago

Its not 0-60 in 8.9 its 0-62 in 8.9 which is after a gear change to third... if you push 2nd 8.4 is a realistic figure but might not give the best 1/4 mile time due to a 'late' shift!

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WILZTA  9y ago

i read the article on the ignis sport and looked at the performance figures. although the information i correct i have had different acceleration times from my car. as quoted in the brochure 8.9 is the acceleration time but i have had 8.2 and 8.3 and that is with a 12stone passenger and half a tank so i think that suzuki lied about the figures or there is somthing special about my car. The car was completely standard at the time of testing the 0-60 times. cheers


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fakekillerfour 6h 

added data for Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV and data for Ferrari 488 GTB

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