Image of Westfield Megabusa

Westfield Megabusa

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 440 kg (970 lbs)
Power / weight 409 ps (403 bhp) / t
Introduced 2005
Origin country United Kingdom
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Engine type Suzuki S4, 16v
Displacement 1.3 l (79 ci)
Power 180 ps (178 bhp / 132 kw)
Torque 102 Nm (75 lb-ft)
Power / liter 139 ps (137 hp)
Transmission 6M
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

Top speed 226 kph (140 mph)
0 - 100 kph 3.9

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Fangio Man  2 years ago  

Ceterham? You mean Caterham. LOL

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BR2+  2 years ago  

...Your better off with a Ceterham..

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Hayes  2 years ago  

Is it a good car?

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Losna  2 years ago  

year of introduction is not 2005, mine was produced in 2002.
Correct year of introduction is 2000.

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HiImBoBiTsNiCeToMeEtYoU  6 years ago  


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Georg  6 years ago  

is it possible that you add one car without mistakes?

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Yaspaa  6 years ago  

CORRECT: NM to lb'ft please.