Porsche 911 GT2 RS laptime at Sachsenring

2017 Porsche 911 GT2 RS finished a flying lap of Sachsenring in 1 minute and 26.61 seconds.

Track Sachsenring
Type flying start
Vehicle Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991)
Power / weight 700 ps / 1497 kg
Time 1:26.610
Peak speed 255 kph (158 mph)
Average speed 153 kph (95 mph)
Submitted 12.04.2018 by fakekillerfour
Reference Auto Bild Sportscars - 5/2018
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Ducati GP161:21.89
Yamaha YZR-M11:22.09
Ducati GP151:22.24
Aprilia RS-GP1:22.67
Porsche 911 GT2 RS1:26.61
Porsche 918 Spyder1:26.77
Corvette ZR11:28.44
AMG GT R1:28.61
McLaren 720S1:29.46
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Everyonelovescars   4d ago

They both come with sport cup 2s lol go to Porsche website and build car

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QPB  6d ago

Not a record in my book considering 918 did it`s time with standard Cup 2s, if I remember correctly?

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QPB  6d ago

2 sec between the two tires. Those Cup 2Rs might be an option but I bet they are even worse than Trofeo Rs in the rain and daily use. Hell, I bet the car is undrivable anywhere else other than track with them. So basically they act like slicks.

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cosimo  1w ago

no cheating was found in this test just bs tires as usual and a very healthy engine which pumped out 700 hp :)



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DeDe  1w ago

That 'BS' tyre is a factory option for the car (especially for track-use). Also the claimed power for the RS is 700 hp as well, so where's exactly your "healthy engine"? It is as healty as it should be. ;)

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cosimo  1w ago @DeDe

"(especially for track-use)"

not user friendly with minimum treadwear that needs to be warmed up and works best on the track only, else it will just take you on a roller coaster with no guarantee on which side of the ditch you will end up in.

the 700 hp in real life translates to over 700 bhp from the engine, another lie which many fail to understand that this car is pumping out over 700 bhp specifically for this test :)

maybe the best location for such car to be tracked is somewhere near a lake or an ocean for quick access for water refill to maintain that 700 hp or just pray the temps are well below 15 degrees then you will have traction issues, no wonder it was tested in march/april which is again clarly very well planned :)

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cosimo  1w ago @cosimo

standard cup 2 tires, i wonder how badly the track only tires will perform with not enough heat to get them to grip :)




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petrr  6d ago @cosimo

Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio comes on Pirelli P Zero ''cheater'' tyres specifically designed for the Alfa with 60 treadwear as well, the tyres wear out every 7-10k km and are basically road legal semi slicks, which is stupid for a saloon yet nobody is bitching about it.
The tyres massively improve the overweight Alfas handling and lap times yet the italians are conveniently ignoring it and just keep praising the Alfas ''great chassis''.

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DrDuke  6d ago @petrr

lol petrr that trash you write xD

The pirelli p zero corsa was not developed for alfa romeo. These tire are available in many sizes. They are homologated for Ferrari, Lambo, Mclaren, Pagani and Porsche. Yes you can buy the 911 GTS with corsa tires. Here you can see on which Porsche model they have an official approval:

Road leagal semi-slick xD – a semi slick is by definition road legal. That’s the whole point of a semi slick. Compared to a MPS cup2 the corsa is more a road tire than for track usage. There is a reason most manufacturers uses the cup2 for track tests. The real Pirelli semi slick is the Trofeo r. Tread wear characterize the wear and not specific the grip of the tire. A tire can have weak wear and grip or the opposite as all combination of both. The new Porsche MPS Cup 2 R has a tread wear of 40.

The Alfa chassis is great. Maybe someday you have your driving license and can enjoy one ;)

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cosimo  6d ago @petrr

the alfa isn't beating no 918 or any other high powered cars laferrari, p1, 720s etc.... like this bs 9-11 which relies on tap water and super special sticky tires to achieve those times before they get worn out in under 30 minutes and pretend it's an optional tire from the factory lol :)

did you not hear the latest news ? the engine isn't as reliable as many believe it is, another cluster f8ck engineering to cosider before burning over 300k, on basically a base carrera with minor upgrade done to the aerokit taken from the gt3 rs and screwing customers for double the price lololol :)

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BR2+  6d ago @petrr

That sounds retarded...

Even if it had bespoke tyres, it wouldn't be cheating in any way, it's simply what it comes with , What's next it's got a 510bjp V6 engine that's also bespoke , so that must be cheating too right?...

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Monolith29  5d ago @cosimo

its only a tiny 1.3 gal tank that just ''sprays'' water more like a mist, nothing like bmw and the fully water cooled engine that runs dry every 30 minutes or less. i think its a good idea for supercars/hypercars to have a little extra cooling for those track days or just crazy hot days... although i know why you mention it for this car since i have read a few articles last year about some overheating issues.

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petrr  5d ago @BR2+

I was just responding to cosimos hypocrite claim that the 911 has an ''unfair advantage'' for using better tyres, even though nobody bats an eye when the Giulia comes on way more aggressive tyres than the competition.

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BR2+  5d ago @petrr

It's the tyres that come with the car, it's 1 of only 3 saloon cars that use R compound tyres, but tyres are not the end 'll to be all, people like to use 'Thst tyre excuse" still even today, and even with those tyres, it still losses half the time against the M3 and CTSV, And barely faster if any then an ATSV, its more then a tyre that makes a car

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cosimo  5d ago @Monolith29

it's called a frugal move now that vw has complete control over the beetle in sneakers

"i think its a good idea for supercars/hypercars"

no it's not and definately not on a car that costs over 300k, unless you're biased enough to let this type of bs pass without being criticized, which i'm also aware of that it's ok in your book.

" i think its a good idea for supercars/hypercars to have a little extra cooling for those track days or just crazy hot days"

the engine failure/overheating has nothing to do with water running out, but a cheap last minute choice of internal parts installed just like they did with the gen.1 991 gt3 that hasn't been rectified yet, germans... lol

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cosimo  5d ago @petrr

"I was just responding to cosimos hypocrite claim that the 911 has an ''unfair advantage'' for using better tyres"

it's called a "fact" not hypocrisy as you and others practice it on this board like a pro :)

without the never heard/seen before sticky special tires it's nothing special, when it runs out of tap water it will get slower. this is no game changer but a cheap turbo s + gt3 rs aeroparts with extras for a limited period of time :))

let us see how many out there are willing to order track only tires for daily use to proclaim few lap times published by their little german furzen magazines lolololol

in the end, you have to thank the the mother company vw scandaljob for a great job they've done with this beetle that lost its mojo since 2011 lol



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tyler 11h 

added laptime for Lamborghini Huracán Performante

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added data for McLaren 720S

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