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8 years ago

Dinosaurs at Nordschleife - Enzo, MC12, CGT and CCX

Why nobody did it before? It appears that nobody was ever brave enough to go to Nordschleife for a flying lap in a private million dollar Ferrari Enzo or Maserati MC12. Until now, folks.

Evo magazine did an awesome shootout - a comparison test of your dreams, involving five of the coolest and fastest cars in the world - Ferrari Enzo, Masserati MC12, Porsche Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda F Clubsport and Koenigsegg CCX. Two of these dinosaurs (Enzo and MC12) were never tested against the clock at the ring before and it appears to me that the initial results are very very good indeed. In fact they are so good that we almost had another new lap record at Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Maserati MC12 did the second best Nordschleife time ever (7:24.29) losing only to the Viper ACR and several other trackday oddballs. Zonda Clubsport came very close with a laptime of 7:24.65, improving the manufacturer laptime of 7:27 by impressive three seconds. In third place was the king of all Ferraris - Ferrari Enzo with 7:25.

This test shows us just how much room for improvement there is in Nordschleife lap times. Nissan GT-R has so good results not because it is one of the very fastest cars around but it is one of the easiest to drive close to the limit, without taking too much risk. And it also shows that true oldschool V12 supercars like Ferrari Enzo are not just built for show. They are both - show and go. They can bark and bite.

Community comments (58)

  1 year ago
Was the car which set 7:33,55 laptime original CCX with 806 hp?
Here they say that some special edition with more than 900 hp and lightened body was tested:
  7 years ago
does anybody know how long the Scaffold Bridge is at the Ring???
  7 years ago
now only if they would test the F50 and F40..and it is a surpris to see a $98,000 car whoop these other $400,000 cars at the most diffucukt course in the world, who would thought?
  7 years ago
For a production car VIPER is tops.Seven seconds FASTER than GTR!!!!!!!!!Can you frgin dig it.If i was a jap lover i would want one. Noone has come close!
  7 years ago
That is great, I still havent seen one. My favorite cars i ever saw was a Carrera GT, CLK63 Black, F430, Original 911 2.7 RS, GT3 RS, and dont remember any more nice cars but there are alot more.
  7 years ago
  7 years ago
ide love too see that too i would guess for them all, A10-7:18, DBS-7:54-, Caparo??, F40-7:48, F50-7:45, Apolo 650-7:19, and the GTR-7:30, Those would be my guesses, i hope somebody tests these cars real soon..
  7 years ago
What I would like to see is:

Ascari A10
Aston Martin DBS
Caparo T1
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F50
Gumpert Apollo
Ultima GTR
  7 years ago
I cannot understand why so many people are so surprised of the lap time of the enzo and the mc12..these monster are made for the track!! do u have any idea of how many times the testers of ferrari and maserati (and lamborghini too) run on these constructor's private track?(maybe in other country you can't ear all the every-day notice that we know in italy) the switch on the ferrari to select the RACE mode is not for beauty..it works..and it's only for real pilots..
The scuderia maybe is not so fast like the enzo but there isn't so much difference.. the final tests of the scuderia was made personally by Schumacher..even the last modify to the car.. but keep in mind that the enzo is not so new like the scuderia.. there some tecnology difference..
The scuderia is easyer to push to the limits 'cause the last ferrari are made to be easyly drive for everyone(don't misunderstand, i mean with the normal mode, it's harder with the sport mode and for pilots with the race mode).. but for sure the 430scuderia is clearly easyer to drive in comparison with an older 360challege.. the special version of the 'normal' 360 it was difficult to drive..
So remember, the italian supercar are not made only to looks cool but to be even so fast.. create a supercar is a challenge so their try always to be the best..

this site is so nice
Sorry for my imperfect english..

Bye, Resto (an italian boy)
  8 years ago
I love this kind of supercars with mid-engine,i would like to see a CLK GTR lap time in this famous track^^.The best looking supercar is the CGT
  8 years ago
The web shows no trace of the article there is no video or commentary leaving me nothing to link to to evidence this Laptimes. So i am full of skepticism.....
  8 years ago
if i had too guess i would say around 6:40 maybe for the 962LM, i mean it is a stripped out Le Mans car for the road so yeah thats ma guess..
  8 years ago
i may sound kinda stupid for saying this, but, i am realllly surprised at that ring time, 7:25, daaaamn, now if only they could test my favorite car the Porsche Dauer 962LM, it would DECIMATE everything in its path, any guesses on its time???....
  8 years ago
wait for it.............7:06....is all i got too say....................Z......
  8 years ago
In the six line of this article you can find a reference for 1.22.3 Fiorano lap time's for Enzo.
I have other sources, when i find them, i'll tell you.
  8 years ago
WHY??? I mean if these cars are not fast then what is? GTR is a suprise, cars like Enzo MUST be fast.
  8 years ago
im still really surprised a the times of these monsters, not so much the zonda, but in the enzo and mc12 i wouldnt have guessed they would be so fast, dont get me wrong these cars are the kings of there companys but im just really surprised i would guessed 7:30 mc and 7:32 enzo..
  8 years ago
Mafalda, you're a friend of F 40 Le Mans (autopareri forum). He can give you any source about this time.
I remember a discussion about 1.22.3 but i can't find now a source.
When i'm able to give you this source i'll make it.
I have i PDF in which Ferrari Enzo lap Sugo circuit in 1.34 with Bridgstone and in 1.31 with P Zero Corsa.
If you are interested in this i can send a mail to F 40 Le Mans and he can give it to you.
I read you on supercar forum, very interesting posts, congratulations.
  8 years ago
which RUF got under 7:50 besides the RT12????
  8 years ago
@ Marco
Sources about Enzo PZero Corsa 1'22"3 ?
  8 years ago
Somewhere above the McLaren F1 was mentioned. There is an old laptime (even with vidoe somewhere). The time was 7.44 Keep in mind, that the F1 is almost 15years old. So its time isn't that bad, if you compare it to cars of the same time; the original Viper, Corvette C5, the Porsches from that time never got under 7.50 (except Gemballas and Ruf).
  8 years ago
Yes, OHV is more compact than OCH, which allows the LS7 to weigh about 450 lbs vs the M5's 5L V-10 which is 530 lbs.
  8 years ago
wait wait wait wait, a 427 cubic inch smaller than a 200-300 cubic inch???????????
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