Max speed 290 kph (179.8 mph)
0 - 100 kph 5.4 s
0 - 60 mph 5.0 s
1/4 mile 13.8 s @ 108 mph


Power 347 kw (465 bhp / 471 ps) @ 5200 rpm
Torque 664 Nm (491 lb-ft) @ 5200 rpm
Displacement 7.4 liters (454 ci)
Bore and stroke 108 mm (4.3 in) x 101.6 mm (4 in)
Compression 11 to 1
Engine type GM Chevrolet LS7 Big Block V8
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 4 Speed Manual (Optional)
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 76 l
Year of introduction 1970
Home country USA


Curb weight 1531 kg (3368 lbs) +
Size 4.64 m (183 in) long, 1.75 m (69 in) wide and 1.21 m (48 in) high
Wheelbase 2.49 m (98 in)
Track width 1.49 m (58.7 in) front, 1.51 m (59.4 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 304 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 63 bhp/liter stats

FL Rank Position - 1599/1598, 0 points
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Car submitted by Super8

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Photo of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7Photo of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7Photo of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7Photo of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7

1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7

Photo of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 LS7
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Community comments (29)

  5 months ago
Not to rain on anyone's parade but the the LS7 was an available option that was never produced because no one ordered it. The LS6 was the only one produced.
  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
You have added over 300 cars and still remember the first of them?!

I added much less and can not remember the first... LOL
  2 years ago
@ Super8: The first car you posted, awesome. ;)
  2 years ago
The first car that I post in this site! I also remember if Viking is the first member who give a good comment in this page. After doing some long research, finally I can say.... Yes! The car top speed is 180 mph with 4 speed 3.08 final. 1 car is reportedly produced by Chevy in 1970. Some dealer then sold this engine later in 1971 as exclusive dealer installed using original body of LS5 and LS6 cars. I found 5 coupe and 3 convertible produced in 1971. All cars had side pipes and to make it looks different than other Vette, it has a rims just like animated pic that I post earlier.
  3 years ago
I have an LS-7 crate motor in my 1971 Corvette(originally an LS5 car) Also has the M-22, al. heads,dual disc clutch, and 410 rear. Does have headers. this car is scary fast.
  3 years ago
Since the LS6 consistently runs mid 12s I would have to assume that the LS7 with 12.5:1 would run close to the L88s.
  3 years ago
I would like to ad to this by saying I bought a new LS7 crate motor in 1982. I (to this day) have it in a 1970 Monte Carlo. It is the iron head version and the only mods are roller tip rockers and upgraded push rods. With a turbo 400 and 4.10:1 gear ratio I had the car doing consistant low 12,s at aroung 112-117 mph. Best et was 12.03@117. The car weighs in at apprx. 4000lbs. Bullet proof motors, mine has never been apart!!
  4 years ago, last edited 4 years ago
@ Super8 : No , I don't agree with you , The Weight of That Porsche is about 1.0 tone with 207 hp and The LS-7 maybe 1.5 tone with 465 gross hp or more the top speed : 155 mph and 175 mph .
There are several items , not weight only , can tell the story.
  4 years ago
@ Bijan : That's because Porsche was a light car. But this thing it's not too different than a big limo
  4 years ago, last edited 4 years ago
The horse power is not everything .
Look at the 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 with 207 bhp 0-100 kph:5.7 sec, 0-200 kph : 23.0 sec ( from auto motor und sport) .
  4 years ago
@ Viking : Yup that was huge for 1970 car
  4 years ago
@Bijan I agree that the best 1970 Corvette that was regularly available was the LT-1. A fine revving small block indeed.
  4 years ago, last edited 4 years ago
@Super8 your research is quite good. However, the LS7 was planned to be offered and was in the 1970 catalog, unfortunately as you correctly discovered the only one actually built was the one driven by Sports Car Graphic. The 465 horsepower is a gross rating. It was 15 hp more than the top option LS6 used in the Chevelle SS 454 of the same year. My educated guess is that it would be rated at 365 bhp net. My reasoning is that the 1971 LS6 (slightly lower compression than the 1970 version) was rated at 425 hp (gross) and 325 bhp (net). The only other engine that was close in output was the 1971 426 Hemi at 425 hp (gross) and 350 bhp (net).
  4 years ago
@ Bijan : Yeah. Only one that ever produced by Chevy for Sport Car Graphic but LS7 later can be bought as crate engine. This car has biggest net power of all C3 Corvette since all of them is gross. This one got purely 465 Hp since the gross version got 500 Hp.
  4 years ago
In fact the LS-7 never sold to the public , it seems be a prototype.
In my opinion the LT-1 was the best performer vette in 1970, with 7300 max RPM and 370 hp, its the most powerful small Block C3.
  4 years ago
I saw in some sites and say this car has SAE net 465 Hp make this car has the biggest Hp of C3 Corvette of them all cuz the SAE gross version had 500 Hp
  4 years ago
New pic for 454 LS7 Vette
  4 years ago
Sal30 : This is the the missing and rarrest version of C3 Corvette. The LS7. Only 1 that known ever produce.
  4 years ago
I love everything about the Stingray!

True Classic American Supercar!
  4 years ago, last edited 4 years ago
Final Drive ratio for 4 Speed manual:
3.55 (optional)
3.08 (optional)
3.36 (std)
Final Drive ratio for 3 Speed Auto:
3.08 (std)
3.36 (Optional)
  4 years ago
  4 years ago
@ Viking : Figures. I look at and say the 4 Speed manual is close ratio and used for drag race. No wonder why the manual version had smaller speed than the automatic version
  4 years ago
@Super8 cool link by the way. I just checked it out. I think it listed top speed of the four speed manual as 146 mph, and the three speed auto at 157 mph. I will have to look at that site a bit more. :)
  4 years ago
@Super8 with tall enough gearing the estimate of 163 mph is quite possible with the Vette's small frontal area. I actually don't know how to post images. If you find out how to do it let me know, thanks.
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