Max speed 195 kph (120.9 mph)
0 - 100 kph 9.9 s
0 - 100 mph 33.2 s
1/4 mile 17.4 s @ 80 mph


Power 115 kw (154 bhp / 156 ps)
Torque 235 Nm (174 lb-ft)
Displacement 2.8 liters (171 ci)
Engine type V6
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 1982
Home country Sweden


Curb weight 1566 kg (3445 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 98 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 55 bhp/liter
1/8 mile (est) 12.2 s @ 70 mph stats

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Car submitted by BumRush

1982 Volvo 760 GLE

Photo of Volvo 760 GLE
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Lap Times (1)

Track Time Position Faster than Slower than
Top Gear Track 1:48.00 235/236 Mini Cooper Skoda Fabia RS

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Community comments (18)

  4 years ago
Why does it say racing rivals?
  6 years ago
It was ALWAYS a Volvo that was blocking the road in front when you wanted to overtake. It wasnt so much that the car was crap, it was that their drivers were crap.
  6 years ago
As long as we don't have a laptime of a better maintained car, why not keep at least what we already have? It's not like it was missing a wheel or engine was running on two cylinders.
  6 years ago
delete the laptime, its invalid, jezza bought it for 1 and it had less power because it lost is over the years
  6 years ago
These cars had a PRV 2.8 Litre. And a 4 speed auto.
  6 years ago
no thanks, i'll take the zonda.
  7 years ago
theres nothing wrong with Volvo's the Extremely comfortable and the Safest cars you can get, gimme a S60R anyday of the week!!!!
  7 years ago
Dude i added this cae Because it has a laptime, i wouldnt add a car unless it has a laptime, or its pure awesomensss is so great it will ruin your computer, and i got those stats from AutoCar W/E October 16 1982, and back in its time it wasnt bad, but just think of it this way, if you get into a car accident, theres no safer car! and WTF is CodSwallop???
  7 years ago
I am not sure wehere the technical specs come from. I think it was a 2.8 not 2.4. They had 2.4 diesels.
  7 years ago
I am having a laugh. :D But honestly, I think it is a lovely classic car. It's a typical boxy Volvo of boxy Volvo era. I just feel sorry for the car being described as "pile of crap".
  7 years ago
Mate what a load of codswallop are you trying to sell me that Volvo or what??
Also v6 or straight six engines mean nothing with 3 tonne cars at least your so called 1.1 civic if there are any would leave it standing mate....
  7 years ago

what do you mean why what ?
you guys talk about other cars on this database which shouldn't be on here then along comes this pile of crap .....

It's a bloody V6!!! So it is huugely fast. Probably a little faster than your 1.1 liter Civic. If I were you, I would have showed some respect!
  7 years ago

Mate laptimes don't mean nothing in the real world only on this site.

Laptimes do matter a lot in real life. But I see your point. When you're doing your normal driving you don't stretch your car to the limit that track driving can reach to. So what matters the most are things like torque, power, ride comfort etc. But when you're in market for a sports/performance car, it will matter for you if your sportscar actually can perform as such and don't get crushed at track by a diesel van.

You want to enjoy driving your sports/performance car and much about that drive-ability, handling performance and driving enjoyment reflects on laptimes.

So if laptimes only matter on this site (as you said) then all the magazine tests, tv show tests etc where they take timed laps were actually exclusively made only for this website! Well, unfortunately that's you know it's not true. Lap time is a huge selling point for any performance oriented vehicle and it is obvious for everybody, including media and car manufacturers and sales people.
  7 years ago
Mate laptimes don't mean nothing in the real world only on this site.
P.s. Would you really have a Volvo ??
Get real dude...
  7 years ago
This car atleast has a laptime. All the other fancy cars people place don't.
  7 years ago
what do you mean why what ?
you guys talk about other cars on this database which shouldn't be on here then along comes this pile of crap .....
  7 years ago
why what.
  7 years ago
but why?????
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