Max speed 250 kph (155 mph)
0 - 100 kph 6.0 s
0 - 200 kph 25.2 s
0 - 100 mph 14.4 s
1/4 mile 14.4 s


Power 184 kw (247 bhp / 250 ps)
Torque 320 Nm (237 lb-ft)
Displacement 3.2 liters (195 ci)
Engine type V6
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6 speed
Drive all wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2005
Home country Germany


Curb weight 1510 kg (3322 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 163 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 77 bhp/liter
1000 m (est) 26.1 s @ 203 kph
1/8 mile (est) 9.3 s @ 80 mph
1/2 mile (est) 22.5 s @ 118 mph stats

FL Rank Position - 514/1598, 3 points
Page views 100342
Car submitted by unknown

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Photo of VW Golf Mk V R32Photo of VW Golf Mk V R32

2005 VW Golf Mk V R32

Photo of VW Golf Mk V R32
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Lap Times (25)

Track Time Position Faster than Slower than
Top Gear Track 1:30.40 149/233 Renault Megane Sport F1-Team R26 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Vairano Handling Course 1:24.44 132/252 Mazda RX-8 Nissan 350Z
Oschersleben 1:52.44 84/141 Alpina B3S 3.3 BMW 650i Cabrio
Tsukuba 1:09.55 185/338 Audi RS6 Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT TypeS
Nordschleife 8:49.00 313/345 Mercedes E 55 AMG Porsche 911 Carrera
Hockenheim Short 1:19.30 477/737 Subaru Impreza GT Turbo Renault Megane RS 265 Trophy
Motovision handling course 0:20.11 34/51 Audi TT 3.2 quattro Opel Speedster
Autozeitung test track 1:47.80 225/640 Audi A8 4.2 quattro Peugeot RCZ GT THP200
Balocco 3:02.15 104/303 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Mk III Opel Speedster Turbo
Bedford Autodrome West Circuit (2004 - 06/2008) 1:32.55 57/82 Mazda RX-8 Bentley Continental GT
Nihonkai Maze 1:14.00 8/11 Honda Integra Type R DC2 late Honda S2000 Type S
SportAuto wet handling test 1:30.70 15/83 Porsche Boxster S Porsche 911 Carrera S
Nurburgring GP (3.7 km) 1:54.23 23/34 BMW Z4 3.0si Mercedes SLK 350
Serres Racing Circuit 1:38.70 48/120 VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI Mazda RX-8 Challenge
Inta 1:15.97 65/86 Abarth 500 essesse Saab 9-3 Turbo X SportCombi
Virginia International Raceway Grand East Course (pre 01/2014) 3:21.80 122/129 Mini Cooper S Ford Focus ST
Autopartner Test Route 1:13.56 10/16 Renault Laguna Coup V6 3.0 dci Renault Clio 197
Jarama 1:59.49 38/79 Renault Clio Sport 2.0 16V Renault Megane RS
Kyalami 2:14.30 52/70 Audi TT 3.2 quattro Renault Clio III Sport
Ring Knutstrop (Conf 2) 1:20.00 116/139 Saab 9-3 Turbo X SportCombi Morgan Roadster V6 lightweight
Arctic Circle Raceway 1:59.00 w 16/16 Mazda 3 MPS
ADM Miachkovo 1:59.60 21/43 Opel Astra OPC 2012 Porsche Cayman S
Winton (National Circuit) 1:47.22 112/132 Audi S6 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA
Winton (National Circuit) 1:44.04 69/132 Honda S2000 (AP2) Mercedes CL 65 AMG
Wakefield Park 1:14.53 109/140 Mazda Mazdaspeed MX-5 Opel Astra OPC

VW Golf Mk V R32 racing rivals

Honda Civic Type-R, Renault Clio 182, BMW 130i, Ford Focus ST, Opel Astra OPC

0 - 100 km/h
Abarth 695 biposto 5.9 s
Opel Astra OPC EXTREME 5.9 s
VW Golf Mk V R32 6.0 s
Mazda 3 MPS 6.1 s
Mazda 3 MPS (Mk 2) 6.1 s
0 - 200 km/h
Mazda 3 MPS 25.1 s
Ford Focus ST 25.1 s
VW Golf Mk V R32 25.2 s
Golf Mk V GTI Edition 30 25.7 s
VW Golf GTI Mk. VI 26.4 s
1/4 mile
Cooper JCW GP (2012) 14.3 s @ 100 mph
Megane RS 265 Trophy 14.4 s @ 102 mph
VW Golf Mk V R32 14.4 s
Opel Astra OPC 14.5 s
Mini John Cooper Works 14.5 s

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Community comments (53)

  9 months ago
ive owned both mk4 and mk5 ,i have to be honest i liked the mk4 more, it felt so much more fun, and the mk4 felt faster to.ive just got rid of the mk5 i got bored of its looks
  10 months ago
The Golf V R32 is a fast car.
It´s heavy but 0-100 kph in 6s is with the dsg and launch-control.
The Focus RS with 305 hp turbo-engine is not much faster and even at the TopGear-Test Track only 1 second faster.
But the sound is godlike.
  2 years ago
Curb weight of a Chevrolet corvette C5 (Standard): 3,218 LBS.
  2 years ago
@ Hayes: 3,322 LBS, that's 104 LBS heavier than a standard C5 Corvette.
  2 years ago
Normal golfs way only 1200-1300kg.
  2 years ago
1510kg. Bit heavy?
  2 years ago
my r32 does 220 mph i hate all of you
  2 years ago
Car32 it is your own fault i banned you from the R32OC i am very picky on the site as i am on 22 hours a day ,i love my R32 my bed is right beside it in my house .i am obsessed with my car i often sleep in it as it has air ride fitted .mmmmmm love it i do
  2 years ago
them tossers on the r32oc have banned me they are jealous i am buying a ferari and GIZMO86 is a slag
  2 years ago
i owned the r32oc but i have now sold it to moy i was skint i needed the money everyone thinks i have a turbo r32 but now i have a mini coupe
  2 years ago
i have a mk4 r32 ,its been a good car so far , i am a r32oc site controller and RJH is a bad person on there
  2 years ago
Ohhhhhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaay, :S
  2 years ago
silver you are a joke its just a car do u like bum sex i do
  2 years ago
RJH i love my r32 all the time i cuddle it i lick it my air ride is so good i sleep in it i am obsesed with my r32 i am a r32 boss on the r32oc i am a total sad get i dream so much about my car i am a sad man with my car silver is sad RJH
  2 years ago
cuprabob i have to disagree with you the mk5 r32 is a good car i dream about it all the time.
  2 years ago
i loved my mk5 r32 i have a metro now
  3 years ago
i had a mk5 r32 with 86000
miles on the clock it was a bad car, the mk4 r32 was so much better in the way of looks and performance i luv the mk 4 golf r32 very much
  3 years ago
a mk4 r32 will get past 160mph no probs
  3 years ago
i love the mk4 r32 better
  3 years ago
the mk4 4 R32 was 12 seconds faster around the ring

mk5 R32 failure
  3 years ago
Are this specs for dsg or manual r32?
  4 years ago
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  4 years ago
Failed creature

no merit
1. fuel consumption
2. acceleration
3. cornering
none of them satisfied
  5 years ago
It's a bit strange how the Mazda 3 MPS (Mazdaspeed3) murders this car around the RING (8:39 vs. 8:49) and most other tracks but NOT on the TOP GEAR track. But then again Top Gear says the 3 MPS is a torque steering / under steering pig, etc. which is massively overstated. They either didnt push the 3MPS to its true limit; settled for a shitty 1:32 just to prove a false point or something else.
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