Image of Brabus G V12 S Biturbo

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo

Car type SUV/truck
Introduced 2009
Origin country Germany
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Top speed 281 kph (175 mph)
0 - 100 kph 4.2 s
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supercharger  8 years ago  

Forget the cayeene this is what you want.

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Anonymous  8 years ago  

what the hell suv will beat this?? well maybe the SRT-600 Charokee? cause thats ben betaing SLR's...and that says ALOT! and maybe a Magnum Cayeene!

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FastestLaps  8 years ago  

This'll give Land Rover a damn good run for it's

Not quite. I imagine it will be at least three times more expensive than the most expensive Land Rover you can get. This is not a value-for-money car. But it will not matter for those who can afford it.

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LJUTICA  8 years ago  

Rather blocky physique allright,but an amazing machine,off-road too,G class is known by it's off-road abilities,especially older diesels from 70s and 80s with no fancy equipment but just rough metal...

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427  8 years ago  

This'll give Land Rover a damn good run for it's


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fakekillerfour 8h 

added perf data for McLaren 675LT, perf data for Ferrari 488 GTB, laptime for Nissan GT-R (R35 565PS), perf data for Nissan GT-R (R35 565PS) and laptime for McLaren 675LT

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