Honda NSX-R laptime at Tsukuba

1995 Honda NSX-R finished a flying lap of Tsukuba in 1 minute and 5.41 seconds.

Track Tsukuba
Type flying start
Vehicle Honda NSX-R (3.0)
Power / weight 274 ps / 1281 kg
Driver Gan San
Time 1:05.410
Average speed 114 kph (71 mph)
Notes Laptime 37.40 of the video
Submitted 03.11.2015 by tyler
Reference Tsukuba Circuit 50 Cars Lap Time
Views 836
NSX Type-S Zero1:05.17
Ferrari 360 Modena1:05.25
Porsche 911 GT31:05.29
911 Carrera S1:05.35
Honda NSX-R (3.0)1:05.41
Porsche 911 Carrera1:05.44
Porsche 911 Carrera1:05.58
BMW M41:05.60
Ferrari F3551:05.61
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JNR  2y ago

hi there, you know i am a hardcore fanatic of gan san but he didnt do this lap time, check the video, the driver uses glasses, plus, the helmet, is different from the one that gan san usually uses. (gan san uses this helmet that let your face uncovered, he used a full closed helmet in a test drive of the s2000 around suzuka, thats the only time i saw him with a helmet like that)

the point is, the driver is takashi oi or takashi ohi (i dont know what is the correct way to writte the oi/ohi since it appears in both forms from different sources.

i hope you correct this because i think that guy deserves the credit.

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tyler  2y ago

Ok i see i will ask the youtuber who posted the video that question.

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FastestLaps  2y ago

Is that a special episode of Best Motoring or just a YouTube compilation? When adding Best Motoring times, it is necessary to state the episode date/number.

If episode number and date is not apparent, episode name can be used (if that name uniquely identifies specific episode)


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fakekillerfour 10h 

added data for Lamborghini Aventador S and laptime for Lamborghini Aventador S

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