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Porsche just announced that 2017 will be their last season in LMP1 racing and for next year they will concentrate on Formula E instead.

After a relatively short (short by Audi's standards) 3 year stint at winning at LeMans, this decision comes as a shock to me and most racng fans. Not everyone is disappointed, of course - if you are Toyota, maybe this means you will finally get a chance of overall victory.

As much as Toyota would love to get the win for Japan, I am sure they won't be interested in leading a pre-determined 24 hour procession of privateer LMP1 and LMP2 teams - what they want is legitimate competition which would give meaning to their victory.

So are Toyota leaving as well, or is there another factory team ready to step in and save Le Mans 2018?

I don't care if Porsche are involved or not, what I care about is to have at least several manufacturers in LMP1 class, whoever they might be - I would be equally happy if it was Peugeot, Renault, Ferrari, BMW or someone else.

Is Le Mans proving to be less of a marketing device these big manufacturers would like it to be? Nobody knows what Formula E is and majority of car enthusiasts have at least heard of Le Mans. When it comes to history and historical "pedigree points", you can't compare the two at all.

Maybe VW Group and Porsche are just cost-cutting. If they really had plenty of racing dollars lying around and they wanted to "switch it up" after 3 years of Le Mans victories, the most logical next step would be to enter Formula 1.

3w ago by FastestLaps
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FastestLaps  3w ago

I wonder what happens to the fleet of 919s that Porsche still have. Back in the day, when it didn't take a team of super specialized experts to maintain and run these cars, you could sell them to privateers and I believe Porsche got some Le Mans wins that way (proving cars to private teams). If LMP1 rules stay the same for next year, I think these cars could still win the race.


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cosimo  3w ago

probably will be sent back to the museum to brainwash newcomers with a cayenne and macan and how easy it has been for porker to win since they left after 1998 victory.

they even fiddle with their motorsport history, gotta love vw board members and their honesty in racing

just like their road versions, the burst into flames lol


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FastestLaps  3w ago @cosimo

You don't like Porsches?

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cosimo  3w ago @FastestLaps

should i ?

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Zulmiro  3w ago

On this 3 years of victories most were achivied out of pure luck... And of course all of this was possible because audi decided stepped down...


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saxy  3w ago

Last time I remembered Audi being in the sport they were decisively beaten by Porsche and then they were completely destroyed in the next year.
This year, Toyota going 3 cars while Porsche only bringing 2, and yet Porsche still won. It's not that Porsche was lucky, but it's opponents were just too inferior.

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Fastedee  3w ago

Ya gotta be lucky to be good guy.

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lafars  3w ago @saxy

Of course Porsche has been lucky, in 2016 they nearly lost, in 2017 the Toyotas were on-par when it came to pace and BOTH manufacturers suffered technical failures through this years race

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cosimo  3w ago @saxy

reality check..........

"And of course all of this was possible because audi decided stepped down"

gets two thumbs down

then a fanboy steps up and

"It's not that Porsche was lucky, but it's opponents were just too inferior."

gets two thumbs up

and i've been saying for ages, this site is full of ball sucking german cock lovers that will always come up with a lame excuse to justify their piss poor actions

the honduh douchebag hasn't said a word yet ? his vtec charge must be low this month ? butthead want a cracker ?

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cosimo  3w ago

environment friendly some 75 years ago and still keeping it clean and quiet as a canary


willkommen to deutschland



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Fastedee  3w ago

That's what Tim Allen says ...Wilkommen . You're missing out if you don't get those commercials in Italy. Big Gun Wuh Wuh Wuh! It's funny they bother broadcasting those commercials in Ontario which is so similar to Michigan geographically and somewhat safer. Also like Michigan we got lots of Germans who are lovely people.

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cosimo  3w ago @Fastedee

"Germans who are lovely people."

tell me about it :))



i wonder who was behind the name 'black' series models with their amg cars, why not white series ? or **** series ?


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cosimo  3w ago

vw parts bin has left because they're in deep trouble, not because porker got tired of winning lol


cliff notes:



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Fastedee  3w ago

Actually if there was a car that gave us another 500 comfortable years on earth that'd be a good thing. Sadly that isn't the case with your Prius, Nissan Joke Cueball Smurf Car etc. Coal is the big culprit. for greenhouse gases. Now we just gotta master space travel in the next 900-950 million years before the sun explodes lol.

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cosimo  3w ago @Fastedee

not really, what's a really big problem is murica + eu and their war on terror bs vs russia and the chinks with their little whore house asian islands in surrounding

the never ending fight between east and west using brainwashed militants suffering from poverty in their home countries such as africa, middle east, sout america, asia etc.... to do their dirty work

the true face of democracy




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Fastedee  3w ago @cosimo

Nothin wrong with hard work what lad!?

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cosimo  3w ago @Fastedee

hard work that sends more people to their grave and the environment turning to sh|t ? mmmmmkay

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saxy  3w ago

You never know... this year they would have lost to Jacky Chan and his LMP2 team. They could still lose even if there weren't any other LMP1 entries haha


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