Power 527 kw (707 bhp / 717 ps) @ 6200 rpm
Torque -
Displacement 6.4 liters (392 ci)
Bore and stroke 103.9 mm (4.1 in) x 94.5 mm (3.7 in)
Compression 10.9 to 1
Engine type Chrysler 392 HEMI V-8 Supercharged
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox Tremec TR6060 6 Speed Manual and Chrysler 8 Speed Automatic
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 72 l
Year of introduction 2014
Home country USA


Curb weight 1892 kg (4162 lbs) +
Size 5.02 m (198 in) long, 1.92 m (76 in) wide and 1.45 m (57 in) high
Wheelbase 2.95 m (116 in)
Track width 1.6 m (63.1 in) front, 1.6 m (63.1 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 374 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 110 bhp/liter

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2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat

Photo of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat
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Community comments (149)

  3 days ago
6,166cc, 8cyl, RWD, 707bhp, 881Nm, 15mpg (est), N/a g/km, 0-60mph 4.5secs, 165mph, 2,013kg, price from $59,995

source: topgear.com

4.5secs to 60, 165mph top speed and 2+tons ? =/
  1 week ago, last edited 1 week ago
Damn, Thas lower or about where i though, Hell of a bargain, All that for 60k?..Sounds good to me. 2 years ago we had 662Bhp for 55k(Well atleast you guys did...-_-Shut Up!) Now we have 700Bhp for 59k...Really extraordinary.

Although, A 392 has a maximum option price of $8,015 Usd, Which isnt much, But still pretty much, So i dont think the options on the HC will be more then 10k, But even at 70k its still a good arse deal, But for under 80k Usd, There are FEW other cars id take over this thing.

Im willing to bet, Ford will take there Shelby to an even lower price and an even higher Hp rating, There are rumos going around the next GT5oo could boast as much as 825Bhp, But as usual thats just a rumor.

Still....275 rear tyres.................-_-
  1 week ago, last edited 1 week ago
Pricing is official at $59,900, in standard trim. Pretty damn impressive, though I'd like to take a look at the options list.

  1 week ago, last edited 1 week ago
They are basically the same as the 5.7. That is why they didn't go with a 6.4 for the Hellcat. The 6.1 block can safely be stroked to 426 ci. They need an aluminum block for 16 BAD. I believe they are running about 11-12 psi boost. The way they have beefed the motor up, I believe aftermarket "pulley swap kits" could get much more....maybe 15-18 psi boost? There will be some 900-1000 HP monsters out there soon.
  1 week ago
I thought 6.4 blocks were new and not stroked 5.7 blocks.
  1 week ago
Yep. The block is the same block used in the original 5.7. It was "stroked/bored" to 6.4 for 11-14' SRT's. The engineers went with a 6.2 stroke this time, probably to ensure the cylinder walls were thick enough to stand up to heavy boost levels.
  2 weeks ago
fastestlaps does have one thing wrong though. This car does not have the 6.4L 392 hemi. It has the 6.2 liter.
  2 weeks ago
That was meant as

"If you can afford it, buy a ZL1, or buy this, buy a Mustang."

But if ya got nothing else to do with ya money, sure buy all 3 ;-)
  2 weeks ago
The best comparison is ...

to the whiny electric grocery cart the nannies want you to drive.

Every car like that from Detroit that finds a buyer is a win for us.
Right now, from Mustang to Camaro to Challenger they line up on a scale from pony to muscle car, each a little larger and heavier than the one below. GMotors has a smaller, faster Camaro in the works, FiatChyrslerbenz will probably launch a true pony car within 2 years. Nagbags don't want you to drive any of them.

If you can afford it, buy a ZL1, buy this, buy a Mustang. Then join the National Motorists Association, who got the national 55 nanny limit repealed.
  2 weeks ago, last edited 2 weeks ago
Or, you can do what GT owners...and SRT Challenger owners have always done. STOP Comparing. We don't care. We bought the car because it's fun, fast, comfortable and cool. Like I said before, If I really cared, I'd sell the beast and drop $30K into a "Ricer" and take on the best. Muscle car owners (and Corvette drivers) don't pay $20K for a new set of brake pads like exotic owners do. We don't drop $30K for every 20K miles of maintenance costs.... Or worry about putting "precious" miles on our daily drivers. We drive our cars every day. Most exotics "sit in garages." The owners rarely drive them, as miles hurt resale value. (God forbid they get a "door ding.") What a shame.
  2 weeks ago
The comparisons dont make any sense though, Normally id agree with comparing the 2 cars, But since ones already out of production, Or atleast will be when this hits the floors, It doesnt make sense, Thas like comparing the New M4 to the C6 Corvette, We all know the Challenger is not a sportscar blah blah blah etc etc, We know this, But there is nothing to compare this car with, The closest thing, Is the 2015 ZL1, And the only thing that would have in common with this, Is there both American Muscle cars, Weight/Power/price will all be different, 50k vs 70k(est) 580hp vs 707hp, 400lbs vs 4400lbs(est), Theres really nothing that can be compared to this, Everything is just to off to be comparable, It may well be compared to a 2014 GT500 in mag tests though, As that would be the most logical choice beyond the ZL1.
  2 weeks ago, last edited 2 weeks ago
@BR2: Yes. That is exactly what I'm talking about: Your Q:"You want to compare this to the last generation GT500? And 700Bhp to 580Bhp? A 200k Bentley to a 60k+ Dodge?" ME: "My 500 HP 14' SRT already is faster than a 5000 lb. Bentley GT." The Hellcat may not be as fast as some other $250K GT's, but for the performance $$$...where are they? The Challenger is NOT a sports car. I don't know how many times I need to repeat this. I own sports cars (cheap ones). If I want to drive a twisty car...I do it. If I want to cruise a GT at high speed on a LONG road trip, I do that too. Stop comparing them. A GT Bentley owner could give a "Rats Ass," about M4 Performance. There is a market for heavy ...fast...cruisers. Especially in America. We don't have a lot of thin curvy roads. What I really look forward to is this: Hellcat motor dropped into a 4 door Charger. Instantly the fastest Sedan in the world. Hellcat motor dropped into Jeep Grand Cherokee...instantly the most powerful SUV in the world. The old saying, "Speed cost money, how much you got?, is quickly closing in. The GTR is proved a $100K car could compete with $300K exotics. The Z28 proved that a $75K car could compete on the track with $300K exotics. The GT 500 proved a $55K car could hit 200 mph for a fraction of the price of an exotic. Now...Dodge releases a GT Cruiser that can run with the EURO GT's. The exotics will always be better/faster...but the "gap in performance" is shrinking.
  2 weeks ago
Idk about you but im expecting this to be faster around a track than both the gt500 and zl1. And i think hellcat can really use a pair of track tires like the corsas. I wonder why it doesnt have them as optional.
  2 weeks ago
Guess it depends on what category is considered fastest?Acceleration very likely, Top speed dunno, Track, Definetly not.

Although know that this HellCat has been revealed, There are rumors of this generation GT500 "WIldly" Upstaging this cars power, Dunno though, But i bet it will.
  2 weeks ago
Not really the way i see they now have the playing field all to themselves. Only competetion to fend off is the camaro zl1. Nothing else really competes. Z06 is an exotic. This is indeed the fastes musclecar unless the zl1 or recent gt500 car beat it.
  2 weeks ago
...You want to compare this to the last generation GT500? And 700Bhp to 580Bhp? A 200k Bentley to a 60k+ Dodge? I dont think this car has anything to compare it too, Maybe not for a couple years, I dont see a GT500 out anytime soon, The closest thing you could compare this to is a ZO6..And we know how that will turn out.

Dodge is 2 years to late, This should have came out when the GT500 and ZL1 were introduced, They are way too late to the game.
  2 weeks ago, last edited 2 weeks ago
Times will vary greatly with different track temps, drivers and Density/Pressure Altitude. One thing is for sure. The car will be fast. The stock GT 500 will always have a disadvantage as they were only produced with manual tranny's. BTW, my SRT is an M6 (I accept being slower for the fun of rowing through gears). The car magazines will test the car against the Corvette. Mistake in my opinion. The Vette is a sports car, not a muscle car. Comparing the 2 is like comparing SUV's against Minivans. It should be compared with the GT 500 and ZL1 Camaros, it's true competition (not Z28). As for C&D, Motor Trend, etc: You can count on their "Magazine Racer Editors," slandering the car. They have always been "in bed" with Ford (and BMW for that matter). This car should also be tested against large/heavy EURO 2 door GT's (like Bentley).
  2 weeks ago
I also read the "10.58 rumor" but since even the rumor wasn't on stock tires, I didn't care.
  2 weeks ago
There's a rumor going around that one of Dodge had an engineer and/or test driver make some runs and he came away with a best of 10.58 on the radials. No proof of it, though, and I'm suspicious already because the Hellcat that made the runs is an automatic. Not much skill involved there; make sure the launch control is on, put your foot down and try to hold the wheel straight. I can see picking up a couple hundredths, maybe a tenth of a second between runs, but 3 tenths? I'm not sold on that one.

In fact, if the rumor is true, that kinda sounds like something I heard Ferrari did for at least one magazine test with the F430. Can't remember which mag it was, but apparently they couldn't hit Ferrari's published 0-60 times, so one of the engineers hopped in, put in what was described as a "traction control cheat code" and immediately ran high-3s, while the best the mag drivers could get were mid-4s. Luckily, the mag had the integrity to not count those runs, since the "cheat code" was something that only a Ferrari engineer would know.

But I doubt Dodge is playing games like that(now if it were an SRT product with Ralph Gilles looking on, that'd be another story). Rumor was probably started by some Mopar fanboy on a forum trying to make the Hellcat seem more impressive than these initial figures suggest.
  2 weeks ago, last edited 2 weeks ago
10.8 or 11.2. Fast for any car, especially a GT muscle cruiser, driven by Gas Monkey Driver, R. Rawlins. Put a PRO in there and I bet you get better times. Rawlins was using street legal drag radials, NITTO's I think. I suspect anyone who buys the car will put 305's or 315's on the back.
  2 weeks ago
Oh yeah, I'd rock a Hellcat as a daily driver in a heartbeat. Provided I won it in a contest or something. I would never buy it at full price, regardless of what that will end up being.

The Challenger occupies the same spot as the Mustang in my eyes; it's not my style, but at the same time it is my style. I love the look, I like how it sounds, and mods are plentiful and reasonably priced should I feel the need. But I don't like one-trick ponies, and that's what this is. Even if it was my DD, I'd still want to take it to the track, and I'm betting it wouldn't be up to snuff. I'd be legitimately concerned about flipping it on hard turns if I was running semi-slicks, which I do on track days.
  2 weeks ago
Yeah, 1LEs......FRONT tyres are bigger then this ones rear, That is just ridiculous...It really amazes my, I really hope they never wonder why Dodge is behind the Big 3, If only they "Corrected" everything, It could be the Big 4..

Hell production tyre run of the HellCat is BARELy faster then the fastest magazine test of the ZO6, Which ran a 11.4@128.1 in september 2007 by MotorTrend, AND the HellCat is using a nice auto and still manages to have a slower trap speed by 3mph...I love the HellCat, But to put 27s rear on a 700Bhp American car is absolutley retarded, Weight aside.

Id still buy one-_-
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