Max speed 320 kph (198.4 mph)
0 - 60 mph 3.6 s
0 - 100 mph 7.6 s
0 - 150 mph 17.0 s
1/4 mile 11.7 s @ 126 mph


Power 527 kw (707 bhp / 717 ps) @ 6200 rpm
Torque 881 Nm (652 lb-ft) @ 4000 rpm
Displacement 6.4 liters (392 ci)
Bore and stroke 103.9 mm (4.1 in) x 94.5 mm (3.7 in)
Compression 10.9 to 1
Engine type Chrysler 392 HEMI V-8 Supercharged
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox Tremec TR6060 6 Speed Manual and Chrysler 8 Speed Automatic
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 72 l
Year of introduction 2014
Home country USA


Curb weight 1892 kg (4162 lbs) +
Size 5.02 m (198 in) long, 1.92 m (76 in) wide and 1.45 m (57 in) high
Wheelbase 2.95 m (116 in)
Track width 1.6 m (63.1 in) front, 1.6 m (63.1 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 374 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 110 bhp/liter
1/8 mile (est) 8.1 s @ 105 mph stats

FL Rank Position - 1599/1598, 0 points
Page views 37246
Car submitted by Super8

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Community comments (289)

  7 hours ago
Okay! What I was saying is, a: this car weighs much heavier than 4162 lb, b: even Chrysler claims 4449 lb for both the manual and the automatic Challenger Hellcat, and c: it's been proven that magazines test this car weighing between 4400 and (maybe at max?) 4600 lb.
  14 hours ago
A stupid question indeed. You even know its a stupid question, why bother even asking?

Of course C&D is reputable source, about as reputable as you can get.
  17 hours ago
@FastestLaps and/or other admins: This might be a stupid question, but do you guys not consider Car and Driver a reliable source anymore?
  17 hours ago
Hahahahahaha I guess this site hates testweight numbers that are extremely above the manufacturer's claim. ;)
  2 weeks ago
Curb weight is not 4162 lb, it's much heavier than that. Car and Driver tested one at 4488 lb, for example.
  3 weeks ago, last edited 3 weeks ago
A purple/green police Hellcat (photoshopped, not real)

  1 month ago
Yep, even "damn" and sometimes "a**" (donkey), "bi***" (female dog), "ba**ard" (love child) and "sh*t" (excretion) aren't cuss words. In fact, an episode of Sesame Street defined the "f" word as a "sponge-loving sticker."
  1 month ago

Dodge Challenger SRT Toddler

And about remove the hellcat name in Hot wheels toys, just reminds me how stupid this world has become.
  1 month ago
A 1:24 Hot Wheels toy has the "Hellcat" name removed because some families deemed it as "offensive."
  1 month ago
What the fun?! *Lol* Isn't the 485hp 392 the "Toddler" SRT?
  1 month ago
Dodge Challenger SRT Toddler....Sounds so much better...
  1 month ago
The name of the Hellcat is one the best things on it.
It keeps the originality. The world doesn't need cars called with just numbers or add dummy proof badges to know what's happenning under the hood.
Let's keep Iconic names :D

  1 month ago, last edited 1 month ago
Other then a Viper, This is the single most bad ass car on the planet...Period!

And fk that name changing bullshite, Dodge Challenger SRT SuperCharged Vs Dodge Challenger SRT HellCat? Outta here with that bullshite.

Who cares if it has the word Hell in it, Badass car with a bad ass name. The HellCat isnt about setting tracktimes like a Z28 or GT3, Not in the leaste, So why the hell should they focus on it? If us Europeans want a track car we will get one, And everybody here knows that getting a car appears to the 10yer old demographic...........................................................

I mean i can literally Smh just so much, Pretty soon some exorcist shit will start happening..
  1 month ago
Dodge Challenger Hellcat 0-300 km/h Acceleration

1:56-2:00 = ~ 4 sec from 0-102
1:56-2:07 = ~ 11 sec from 0-200
1:56-2:15 = ~ 19 sec from 0-250
1:56-2:46 = ~ 50 sec from 0-300
  1 month ago
This Hellcat is amazing! But to make it sell well in Europe, two things will solve the problem:

1) Offer a track package to compete with Z28 and GT3, and

2) Remove the "Hellcat" name; it has the word "hell" in it, a mild swear word in both the US and the UK. Change it to "Supercharged" or "6.2SC." This way you get a broader audience and even some children under the age of 10!
  3 months ago
NICE! I see someone managed to add the laps before me, btw that new photo looks great, looks like my nagging worked lol :P
  3 months ago
Yes, sir! Track added.

When you add laptimes, copy & paste this as reference:

Road & Track

And this as "Organisation":

Road & Track
  3 months ago
@Fastestlaps, now that you updated the performance can you pleeeaseee change the main photo for this car? also when you get the chance can you please add the track motown mile so I can finally add the laptimes for this car as well as the rest of the cars tested there?
  3 months ago
  3 months ago
Yo, y'all need to update the Hellcat!

0-60: 3.6
0-100: 7.6
1/4: 11.7@126
  3 months ago
Yo, there's 44 freaking laptimes at motown mile! how come no one has added it yet? (along with ahem a new challenger hellcat photo)
  5 months ago
There was no Hellcat in 2014. That's a 470 (not 475) HP Challenger SRT.
  6 months ago
...Wouldnt say that...
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