Power 527 kw (707 bhp / 717 ps) @ 6200 rpm
Torque -
Displacement 6.4 liters (392 ci)
Bore and stroke 103.9 mm (4.1 in) x 94.5 mm (3.7 in)
Compression 10.9 to 1
Engine type Chrysler 392 HEMI V-8 Supercharged
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox Tremec TR6060 6 Speed Manual and Chrysler 8 Speed Automatic
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 72 l
Year of introduction 2014
Home country USA


Curb weight 1892 kg (4162 lbs) +
Size 5.02 m (198 in) long, 1.92 m (76 in) wide and 1.45 m (57 in) high
Wheelbase 2.95 m (116 in)
Track width 1.6 m (63.1 in) front, 1.6 m (63.1 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 374 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 110 bhp/liter

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Page views 30386
Car submitted by Super8

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Photo of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 HellcatPhoto of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 HellcatPhoto of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 HellcatPhoto of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat

2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat

Photo of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat
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Lap Times (1)

Track Time Position Faster than Slower than
GingerMan Raceway 1:45.80 19/19 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

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Ferrari F40, McLaren Mercedes SLR, Ascari KZ1, TVR Sagaris, Noble M15

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Community comments (266)

  2 weeks ago
...Wouldnt say that...
  2 weeks ago
You can give another 500 bhp to it and it will never ever get a second faster to 60mph or on the track. they should have kept the SRT8 engine and reduce the weight by 400p, better chassis/gear, that would have make a difference. or a 4-wheel-drive...
  2 weeks ago
Alot of things contribute to that.
  2 weeks ago
Don't forget torque.
  3 weeks ago
Smh...Its not all about Bhp...Smh
  3 weeks ago
So disappointed in this vehicle 0-60 times as I punched in on YouTube ( Hellcat 0-60 times) and watched a few vids with even a guy from dodge doing a best 4.3 0-60 but claiming he seen 3.5 0-60? They did like 20 runs in two different vids. 700HP ?? Maybe this car just weighs too much? Confused.
  1 month ago
As long as you can see the car from a good angle, And everything is showing, Ive no complaints. But updated everything imminently would be nice,
  1 month ago, last edited 1 month ago
@BR2+ "IMO, You should put a pic of the car standing still, That way you can see the rims, The brakes and the tyres, Rolling pics of the main pic makes everything a bit blurred. Id put a pic, But i cannot see images at the moment."

Two of the three photos I suggested are of the car standing still, strange that you cannot see them. at this point I really don't care, I just want any photo of the challenger hellcat, just not this srt8 392 that we've had for so long.

p.s. this is why I hate when people add cars before they reach production.
  2 months ago
Cool video. .I call that a draw.

Hellcat is made of 100% authentic American awesome. No techie nonsense, just POWEEEER!
  2 months ago
  2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
At last in poland there are some chances (that I not belive that are high) to have The Arrinera mid engined super sport car based on 7.2 V8. (look like a mix of cayman, corvette, ferrari and lambo so it have a litte from the bests) There are some typical post soviet union problems and tones of bullshit, but who knows.

About Hellcat is very bad ass car - and this thing only matter. Which is the baddest stock car on market. I belive that new Mustang GT 500 will be even badder and it end Hellcat nr1 spot in this category. Its just too old and too heavy, power is not enough, even 700.
  2 months ago
IMO, You should put a pic of the car standing still, That way you can see the rims, The brakes and the tyres, Rolling pics of the main pic makes everything a bit blurred. Id put a pic, But i cannot see images at the moment.
  2 months ago
Can you find me a picture you want that is not from the ones on the sidebar? Because if i put one from sidebar as main picture, I would have to delete it from sidebar, which is a hassle and deleting is never good, itš better to have more pics :)

P.S. When you search for a picture, make sure its pretty big and doesn't contain any annoying watermarks.
  2 months ago
@fastestlaps, any chance we can change that photo for the challenger hellcat, I was thinking maybe the one at the bottom under "More Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat photos"
  3 months ago
Your story basically confirms that it's Soviet Unions fault... The whole system was flawed and could not harbor decent automotive manufacturing. Because there was no competition and no incentive to make great products.

When SU broke down, in early 90s, obviously, everything couldn't change overnight. And the first attempts at making cars, much like everything else, were flawed.
  3 months ago
perticulary any good or cheap. And that's because these cars were not made by engineers who wanted to make a good car for the people, they were made by accountants who wanted to make money instant, without "wasting" time for making them suitable for new markets. And that's the difference. There was really no reason to buy them. In Octavia or Logan you get the sense that engineers have worked really hard to build the best car from what was available. In cars like Lanos or Nubira you don't get that feel, in fact - you don't get any feel at all.
Another problem is that in Poland we think that "domestic" means "rubbish" and "foreign" means "tough". That's of course legacy of communism. We simply wouldn't buy polish car, no matter what enthusiasts say. There's domestic energy drink company that was selling their product with polish sounding name. It wasn't selling very well. Then they've changed the name and the package design so now it doesn't even have ANY polish word on it and guess what? It's the best selling energy drink in the country!
So guys in US - respect your domestic cars if you don't want to be driving in bland and boring Toyotas and Nissans only. If I were you I would be running to the dealership for a new Challenger even for $26,995 base 305 HP V6 because it's a bargain! Over here for the same money you could buy low spec diesel Mondeo with manual rear windows. Shame.
  3 months ago
Guys, in Poland it's not just about communism past.
Look at Czech Republic and their Skoda. In the late 80s/early 90s they had rubbish 105/120/125, which was even worse than our Polonez. Then they launched Favorit. Everybody laughed. But they kept evolving (with help from VW of course). Then there was Octavia - car with VW underpins, much bigger than Golf, but with lower pricetag. It was an instant hit. Now they are making SuperB - available with 260 HP 3.6 V6, AWD and DSG.
Same goes with Romania and their Dacia. After the fall of communism they got 1310 - car designed in late 60s, and made until 2004. Pickup version even lasted 2 years more. But they kept evolving. Early efforts were pathetic but in 2004 they came up with Logan. People laughed at it: "How can sub €6,000 car be any good?" But it was. It was (and still is) bigger, more comfortable, more reliable, cheaper and easier to fix than all entry level cars like Fiat Panda, Hyundai Getz and so on. Logan real competitors - cars like Fiat Albea or Hyundai Accent were more expensive, but weren't really any better. Logan was a huge success and it's assembled and sold all over the world under different brands, including Renault, Nissan, Mahindra and even Lada. Now you can get one with leather seats, touchscreen satnav and turbocharged petrol engine and it still will be cheaper than basic Fiesta. Amazing.
In Poland on the other hand after the fall of communism we merged with Daewoo. And products of that weren't
  3 months ago
Id love to see a Polish SuperCar. Or just a good Polish brand, Same with the Chinese....If they stopped stealing everybodys design..
  3 months ago
pl80, I agree. And same goes for all countries occupied by soviet union.
  3 months ago
Lukasz, if it wasn't for f. communists, Poland could make cars like that too.
  3 months ago
Guys, let's not forget that Challenger Hellcat is actually not 4, but 5-Seater car!
That makes it even more amazing: Under $60,000, 707 HP, ten second car with a beautiful retro-style body, with a huge trunk and 5 seats! It will even hit over 20 MPG on the highway!
It makes me wonder: What next gen Challenger will bring us? Imagine 100 HP more with lightweight aluminum structure (like new Ford F-150), several carbon-fibre body panels, AWD and sub-3-second 0-60 time. Now it might sound ridiculous, but so did Dodge one year ago announcing current Hellcat.
I'm from Poland but I have to say: God Bless America!
  6 months ago
wrong photo
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