Power 425 kw (570 bhp / 578 ps) @ 6200 rpm
Torque -
Displacement 6.4 liters (392 ci)
Bore and stroke 103.9 mm (4.1 in) x 94.5 mm (3.7 in)
Compression 10.9 to 1
Engine type Chrysler 392 HEMI V-8 Supercharged
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox Tremec TR6060 6 Speed Manual and Chrysler 8 Speed Automatic
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity 72 l
Year of introduction 2014
Home country USA


Curb weight 1892 kg (4162 lbs) +
Size 5.02 m (198 in) long, 1.92 m (76 in) wide and 1.45 m (57 in) high
Wheelbase 2.95 m (116 in)
Track width 1.6 m (63.1 in) front, 1.6 m (63.1 in) rear


Power to Weight ratio 301 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 89 bhp/liter

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2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat

Photo of Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat
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Community comments (37)

  4 days ago
@ Fastestlaps: Yeah I think. This one also:
  4 days ago
Where is it
  4 days ago
Yup, that's the Hellcat.
  5 days ago
So are they gonna make a supercharger version too?
  5 days ago
There's just something about the Challenger's retro styling.
  5 days ago
So this page is redundant (not enough meaningful changes from standard version) and I can delete it?
  6 days ago
The new Charger looks like an oversized dart. This however I would take anyday.
  6 days ago
No doubt the new Challenger looks freaking awesome! however what did they do to my beloved Charger!?
  6 days ago
The new facelifted challenger is handsdown the best looking muscle car right now.
  6 days ago
@BR2+: It does look awesome. I think Dodge was waiting to see what its competition will do. I would have just gone for it if I were them.
  6 days ago, last edited 6 days ago
Its a new one, Or a 3rd refresh, Doesnt mean the HellCat wont appear later, Although it SHOULD have appeared when the GT500 and ZL1 did, Dodge missed a Huge oppurtunity at that point. I think this newer one looks WAY better then the older one, But you could already get a Shaker Hood on the last one, So thats not new, But i do like how this one is more like the 70s version. But still It entered the game too late, Dodge is falling way behind Chevrolet and Ford, But there 200 and 300 models sell very well.

Damn good looking car.

Interior looks great too, Id gladly pay the 45k price for this NO problem. The Only other problem, Is the StingRay and 5.0..

  6 days ago
hahaha...NO, as it turns out we can officially delete this page and the charger hellcat page. I just saw the live reveal, it turns out that dodge's "new option enthusiasts will enjoy" is just the SRT8 with a shaker scoop and with skidpad numbers up from 0.90-0.93 WTF??? I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR FOR THIS REVEAL AND ALL WE GET IS A F***ING SHAKER SCOOP SERIOUSLY!!!!????
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
The Hellcat will be revealed in Spring 14.' It will be a 15' car (hopefully available Fall 14'). It will certainly have ceramic brakes.
  4 months ago
I have a 2011 SRT 392 Challenger that I put a procharger superchager on last spring (Denver area). My dyno (adj) showed 559hp at RW. The car is a beast...tough to hook up...but 320-30 mph to 150 an animal....ZL1s stock..a toy against a supercharged 392...reallya beast...fun!
  8 months ago, last edited 8 months ago
@ aaaa: I've read that article, that's where I got the information from. ;)
  9 months ago
@ Super8: I read as much as 640 horsepower. I can't wait for some more specific specifications from Dodge.
  9 months ago, last edited 9 months ago
There's a new rumor! The power is increased to 620 Hp @ 6300 rpm! That's relieve me for awhile.
  9 months ago
@ Super8: An Eaton supercharger, cool, so it's a twin screw.
  9 months ago
Wooooo!! Supercharged Challenger for 2014. YAY!!!!!
  10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
This thing really is from hell! O_O
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
@ Mental & Iggz: In America Dodges are their strongest sellers, Fiats are their weakest, but I prefer that Chrysler Group LLC not lose any make, but if one were to go, it would have to be Fiat, I love the 500, it's a great little car, but there's more of a market for the practical family cars Dodge builds, IMO Dodge Dart, Dodge Avenger, and minivans like the Dodge Grand Caravan, and the Dodge Charger PPV has gained huge popularity with police.
  11 months ago
What a dunce!
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
I think the "SRT" family should kill the Ferrari and Maserati name. For example:

Fiat Abarth 500 (current) = SRT Hot Hatch (future)

Maserati Quattroporte (current) = SRT Italia Quattroporte (future)

Maserati GranTurismo (current) = SRT Italia GT (future)

Ferrari California (current) = SRT Italia GTS (future)

Ferrari 458 Italia (current) = SRT Italia Supercar (future)
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