McLaren MP4-12C laptime at Laguna Seca (post 1988)

McLaren MP4-12C completed a lap of Laguna Seca (post 1988) in 1 minute and 34.5 seconds.

Track Laguna Seca (post 1988)
Type flying start
Vehicle McLaren MP4-12C
Power / weight 600 ps / 1434 kg
Driver Randy Pobst
Time 1:34.500
Average speed 137 kph (85 mph)
Submitted 22.08.2012 by anonymous
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Viper SRT-10 ACR1:33.92
Audi R8 V10 Plus1:34.23
SRT Viper GTS 1:34.23
Corvette Z06 Z07 Pa..1:34.43
McLaren MP4-12C1:34.50
McLaren 570S1:34.58
SRT Viper1:34.63
SLS AMG Black Series1:35.03
Devon GTX1:35.07
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Flabernat  5y ago

I love the McLaren, but I completely agree with BR2. There's a lot that goes into a sports cars & making good lap times.... plus, a 1:34.50 @ LagunaSeca is nothing to scoff at! Well done!

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BR2,  5y ago

Its a mix of everything that make the car go fast, your not just gonna go fast with good tyres. The big great brakes, the good manual tranny, a lightweight body, good power range, good aerodynamics, its PTM magnetic ride. Really tired of people commenting on tyres, again, as ive said it before, NO one Ever commented on the tyres when the ZO6 was being compared to a Scud or a GT2 or anyform of similiar car, so why know? Honestly, its getting old.

And why shouldn it be faster? because the MP4 is lighter and has more Power? Power to weight ratio isnt what it used to be, Might as well mean Shite nowadays, not with all these electronic advancements in technology coming off the lines.

When looking at a Chevrolet Corvette, A Porsche 911, Or a Nissan GT-R, theres no such words as "They Shouldnt Be" Its "They Are" and "Have Been"

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lamboboy  5y ago

It shouldn't be faster than the Mclaren though. Mclaren has a much better power to weight ratio and a MUCH master dct gearbox. This is confusing. Do those PSC tires on the ZO6 make that much of a difference? And the Magnetic ride is great but the Mclaren has some great suspension too so that cancels it out. Its the tires i tell you :P

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phavyarden  5y ago

Z06 Centennial edition with PSC tires is an extremely quick car ;)
With new magnetic ride, and some stuff from the ZR1 in a much lighter body.

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lamboboy  5y ago

Amazing. Whats that ZO6 doing up there though?

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phavyarden  5y ago

Really good laptime by the Mclaren!


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