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6 years ago

Which car is really the world's fastest sedan?

I have been confusing myself with this topic for quite a long time. It depends on what we mean by the term "world's fastest four door sedan ".

If we just look at the top speed, then the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed is the fastest. On the track nothing can touch a Porsche Panamera Turbo. In a quarter mile drag race, Mercedes S65 AMG with 1000 nm of torque is unbeatable. Problem is - it is limited to 250 KM/HR. So, in the long run, the Bentley will beat it. If the speed limiter is removed, then the Mercedes would probably hit 200 MPH, so, it is quite confusing.

I have driven all these three cars but never got the chance to compare them. Amazingly if we just look at numbers then there is a fourth contender - the Cadillac CTS-V with a acceleration time of 0-100 Km/Hr in 3.9 seconds and unofficially claimed by GM as the "world's fastest four door sedan". I do doubt that because the Bentley and Mercedes would easily defeat the caddy in a drag race and the Porsche will lead on the track leaving caddy far behind.

I guess its all about the person who buys the car. If you want to win drag races then take the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG, if you just want to brag about your cars top speed then buy a Benley Continental and if you want to rule the track bye a Porsche Panamera Turbo. And lastly, if you have a limited budget - you're left with Cadillac CTS-V.

The world's fastest four door sedan should be a combination of all these and is yet to be unveiled.

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  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Yeah, Fastest is a term always thrown around without anything after or before it, Fastest at what? Cause no car has fastest everything. Acceleration definitely goes to the HellCat in everything with exception of 0-60, Which is still even in the top 5. WIth a top speed of 205Mph....I believe a delimited S65 AMG will reach 210Mph, And i think an M5 will reach about the same as a HellCat, So ill cal Worlds fastest in terms of top speed, Nobody for the moment, Specially since all the fastest Germans are limited. The new CTSV wont be as fast as a HellCat in acceleration, Most likely.

As for round track, The HellCat will lose to an M5, More then likely youll have a much bigger smile in the HellCat though, But will lose(Although only one track its been tested on so far)

But 707Bhp for 64k!!! So who really gives a shite?
But i think with confidence, I can bet on the CTSV being the fastest 4 door car round a bend the world has ver seen, Dunno for sure, But im confident. I also here it may be pushing $90,000 Usd plus, So if thats true, Good bye great American bagain:( I hope not, But figures will prolly be in the mid 70s.


That comparison just seemed like a big Dodge commercial, ALso, No Turbo S, No P85D, No RS7, No E63 AMG S...Soooo...
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Acceleration and top speed would go to the Charger Hellcat, around a racetrack it would most likely be the M5... But, that's until the new CTS-V comes into production and makes some official numbers ;)
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Yes and no. Modern muscle cars can turn and stop. This is irrelevant because the SRT Charger is not a muscle car. It is a 4 door performance (sedan) saloon car...being compared other sedans/saloons. None of these cars are sports cars. None of them can compare to the smaller performance coupes that are produced by the companies respectively. It's nice that a 4 door BMW can turn well. It's also nice that a 4 door Charger can go 200 mph. All are good choices for different budgets. The imports cost more, but offer better luxury. Someone in the market for a Saloon may choose a car because it looks better in his opinion. In my opinion, the SRT looked better than its rivals in the video. The SRT is the overall fastest of the group. BTW...there are other types of tracks. NASCAR, INDY, DRAG...I bet the SRT would dominate on those. Anyway, I don't drive a Charger. I drive an SRT Challenger (and a VW GTI).
  7 months ago
the hellcat is only fast in a straight line. it is pure stereotype muscle car
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
I bet it is on that curvy track. I thought the question is which car is the fastest. The SRT beat the BMW in the video in 3 of 3 speed categories, with professional drivers. WRT Dynos: I've seen other dyno readings where power was closer to 750 HP. BTW, No 2 dynos are the same. Dynos serve as baseline benchmarks for progressive tuning. Don't get me wrong. I drove BMWs when I lived in Italy (8 years). But here in the US, the SRT is faster on 99% of the roads/highways/freeways as most are long and straight. If little curvy roads were common, I'd drive an Audi (just to be different). I don't track my cars anymore.
  7 months ago
the m5 is much faster than the hellcat
look at the Willow Springs laptime
the m5 would be 3-4s faster on this track
  7 months ago
In one video review of Hellcat they did dyno run and wheel hp was very close to claimed crank hp, so, yes, Hellcat is underrated too.

In straight line it beats M5, I think that's established by now.

BUT. I don't think it beats M5 on track. No matter what kind of track (apart from Talladega or something :D)
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
What kind of track? We won't know until they meet on a F1 Track. The Hellcat beats BMW in top speed, 0-60 and 1/4 mile. It's faster. The question was which one is faster. Dodge also underrated the HP on the hellcat. You can count on slight bumps in HP in coming years.
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Do you seriously think that Hellcat beats M5 on track? Don't forget that M5 has easly 600 hp. BMW is bull*****ing about the power.
  7 months ago
The Hellcat is the overall fastest. People don't like hearing about a $60K car that beats cars that cost twice to 3X as much. It is not a better car. It is more bang for the buck. Any middle class American can order one today. http://www.torquenews.com/106/hellcat-charger-beats-best-sedans-world-video
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
Not the best comparison of 'Fastest Sedan' but no surprise to the winner.

  8 months ago
M5 30 Jahre(F10)->0-250 kph->18.9 sec
RS7->0-250 kph->20.0 sec
  8 months ago
  8 months ago

A stock M5 F10 walks Porsche panamera turbo S and im sure it walks the RS7 easly. Need proof?
  8 months ago, last edited 8 months ago
I'm late to this debate, so sorry if this is a repost.
@ Shaggy: if we're bringing Brabus into question, then I believe the BMW e60 M5 G-Power Hurricane RR is the fastest four-door sedan in the world outright at 372 km/h, though the CLS Brabus equivalent is 'quicker' to 200ish mph...(but is actually a 4 door coupe and the argument as to whether it can really be considered a sedan can go on and on).


But I believe we're talking about stock cars (out-of-the-factory) and as Fastestlaps said 5 years ago, "Fastest = fastest in all scenarios. Combined." and I would therefore put my money on upcoming CTS-V or Panny Turbo S
  8 months ago
Good candidate, But would still lose to a RS7 and Turbo S, Dunno bout HellCat.
  8 months ago
The HellCat isnt the worlds fastest sedan in anything, Its "Possible" it might be 0-150Mph or from a roll, But other then that its not, I dont know why Dodge would even state that, Top speed 204Mph, Yes they compare it with LIMITED top sppeds of its competitive cars?...Right, There only usuing power as ther advantage and bragging about how fast there car is on drag radials, I really hate that, Maybe with a "Real Pro" at the wheel it would make all the difference...But its an auto, So......But so far, The fastest sedans, In terms of acceleration are the Panamera Turbo S, RS7, And Model S P85D, Round track the Turbo S, But im betting the New V will beat all those round a track.
  8 months ago
I think the Brabus S class biturbo and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat are good candidates.
  8 months ago
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  2 years ago
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  2 years ago
Please, delete General M´s comment.
  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
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  2 years ago

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