Power 477 kw (640 bhp / 649 ps)
Torque 813 Nm (602 lb-ft)
Displacement 8.4 liters (513 ci)
Engine type OHV 20-valve V-10
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6-Speed Tremec 6060
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2013
Home country USA


Curb weight 1520 kg (3344 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 421 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 76 bhp/liter

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2013 SRT Viper TA

Photo of SRT Viper TA

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Community comments (76)

  10 months ago
p.s. when we do add the laps, remember the viper lap was done by the 2015 dodge viper ta (the one with the wing) not this viper.
  10 months ago
I remember trying to add motown mile in the past also, i'm suprised it hasn't been added yet.

as far as the new laps are concerned, the hellcat lap was expected given the tight track layout (i'm impressed it matched the f type r), but i'm suprised that the f type r lost to the v8 roadster and even xfr-s. also the m3 beating the m4 by about 2 seconds was quite surprising. as for the viper, the bumpy track clearly threw off it's lap. but just look at those grip numbers 1.21 g's WHAAAAAAAT?
  10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
@ FastestLaps

Here is another HUGE number of laptimes from a track called Kakucs Ring, There even videos on Youtube from the drivers doing the laptimes, Its called Garazs Tv, And there are 80 Laptimes to be added!


The MoTown Mile track should be added too, With 44 Additional laptimes.


Along with theses.

Different Blyton Park circuit, The one that AutoCar uses is different then the one we have listed, 48 Additional laptimes can be added.


MotorTrends figure 8, There are a TON of laptimes for this, Probably over 200 Laptimes to be added.


And one called Circuit De La Ferté Gaucher, WIth an additional 44 Laptimes.


So all in all you would be looking at maybe around maybe 400+ or so new laptimes to add.
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
There are 3 different configurations.

Thermal Club Desert Circuit 1.5M
Thermal Club North Palm Circuit 1.2M
Thermal Club South Palm Circuit 1.8M

It is the South Palm Circuit
  11 months ago
Track added. Do you know what configuration it is, what is the length of the configuration they use?
  11 months ago, last edited 11 months ago
Will add when added!

Also to consider, Is the MT Figure 8 course.
  11 months ago
@BR2 Will do tomorrow!
  11 months ago
Fastestlaps, You should add the Thermal Club race track from Las Vegas, Theres 4 laptimes of it know tested by R&T just recently between the GT-R, Z/28 V12 Vantage S and Viper T/A.
  1 year ago
Quality? They never achieved it to begin with
  1 year ago
Since they are slashing prices. I hope they don't revert back to their old ways and slash quality. There is a reason why this generation Viper are probably the most expensive ones.
  1 year ago
"Buyers who purchased a 2013 or 2014 model will receive a coupon for an additional $15,000 off a new Viper."
Thats from SRT Nation.
Also, the supercharged rumors for 2016 are almost a fact. 800hp ore above is possible.
  1 year ago
Yap. Today they lost 15 grand in instant depreciation. Must be hard to swallow.
  1 year ago
They might want to think about cutting sodium from their diets, because they're gonna be some salty SOBs.

Every time I've seen someone bring up the Viper's epic failure in the sales department on a forum, a Viper owner inevitably chimes in that they actually *like* the fact that it sold horribly; it just means there will be fewer on the road so they can keep up that image of exclusivity. Can't imagine those guys are too happy about this.
  1 year ago
OK, that does it for me. I am running off to buy one right now.

But on a more serious note - what about those poor losers who bought Vipers before the price drop? :D
  1 year ago
Dodge slashes Viper prices by $15K accross the board. 14' models will get a $15K cut also. http://www.torquenews.com/106/2015-dodge-viper-pricing-slashed-15k-2014-prices-cut-well
  1 year ago
This car was created only to beat ZR1 on Laguna Seca.
It was done but by a tenth of seconds.
So even SRT beat them it was done is so bad fashion that Crovette is the winner, beceause it was little slower but still with beter suspension and better control. And with stock production model.
  1 year ago

nothing up to 500K can touch this 100K viper on the track.

lol Right...
  1 year ago
It has top speed 311 kph, and 400 lbs of downforce on 150 mph.
  2 years ago
nothing up to 500K can touch this 100K viper on the track.

  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
@ Flabernat: Me, too, it should be interesting.
@ Fangio Man: You've probably got an accurate prediction.
  2 years ago, last edited 2 years ago
I am guessing a time under 7:30 for the Nordschleife, depends on tyres. Although it beat the ACR at one track I do not think a time under 7:20 is possible, only with a real pro behind the wheel. And for the short layout of the Hockenheimring a 1:08 time.
  2 years ago
I think this car need more laptimes, I'm dying to see what it can do at Hockenheim, & Nordschleife...etc :)
  2 years ago
@ Fangio Man: They look like they would provide a lot of down-force, but compromise top end speed due to wind resistance or drag.
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