Max speed 418 kph (259.16 mph)
0 - 100 kph 2.9 s
0 - 200 kph 7.0 s
0 - 300 kph 13.2 s
0 - 100 mph 5.6 s
0 - 200 mph 14.5 s
1/4 mile 9.9 s @ 163 mph


Power 895 kw (1200 bhp / 1217 ps)
Torque 1539 Nm (1139 lb-ft)
Displacement 6.2 liters (378 ci)
Engine type TwinTurbo LS( V8
Engine location middle

General data

Gearbox Ricardo 6-Speed Manual
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2010
Home country United States


Curb weight 1220 kg (2684 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 984 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 194 bhp/liter
1/8 mile (est) 6.6 s @ 119 mph
1/2 mile (est) 15.3 s @ 189 mph stats

FL Rank Position - 1770/1769, 0 points
Page views 36201
Car submitted by BumRush

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2010 Hennessey Venom GT

Photo of Hennessey Venom GT
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Hennessey Venom GT racing rivals

Orca SC7, Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, Koenigsegg Agera One:1,

0 - 100 km/h
911 Turbo S (991) 2.8 s
Aventador LP700-4 2.9 s
Hennessey Venom GT 2.9 s
911 Turbo S 3.0 s
Gumpert Apollo Sport 3.0 s
0 - 200 km/h
9ff GTurbo R 6.9 s
9ff GT9 Vmax 6.9 s
Hennessey Venom GT 7.0 s
918 Spyder (Weissach-... 7.2 s
Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron 7.3 s
1/4 mile
McLaren F1 9.3 s @ 138 mph
McLaren P1 9.8 s @ 152 mph
Hennessey Venom GT 9.9 s @ 163 mph
Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron 9.9 s
9ff GTurbo R 10.0 s @ 160 mph

Other cars by Hennessey (2)

Venom GT Spyder, Venom GT2,

Community comments (157)

  3 weeks ago
it never was...
  5 months ago
I consider any car that builds on another car for a tunercar, OEM status or not
  5 months ago
big question should we delet this car or not?

Like pointed out befor Hennessey is no car producer has no OEM status..

ALL Venom are registered all around the world as Lotus Exige (modified).

9ff, RUF, Brabus, Saleen etc. have all OEM status... in case of RUF since decades...

As impressive as the numbers are, there is a reason why Hennessay has no OEM status ..
  5 months ago
I'm not sure why Hennessey hasn't achieved OEM status. It could possibly be due to the lawsuits (some that he lost) and complaints from customers.

Here is an OLD article about some complaints/lawsuits. I'm sure there have been more.

The stuff about out-of-state cars being parted out (if true) is seriously illegal. If just ONE case of that is true, Hennessey deserves his bad reputation and if that bad reputation stops him from becoming an OEM, he deserves whatever negativity he gets.
  5 months ago
@NIN I didn't know that Hennessey had not acquired OEM status either. Interesting; he should pursue that status.
  5 months ago

I didn't realize that.
You learn something new every day.
  5 months ago, last edited 5 months ago

this thing is as much a Lotus is as an Aston is a Mini.

So you're saying that Aston martins are registered as Minis ? Cuz the Venom GT is still legally a Lotus
  5 months ago
@ Apathy

The fact that it is based on another car isn't the problem. The number that they make isn't the problem. The problem is that legally, Hennessey is NOT an OEM. The Venom GT is NOT a production car even though Hennessey misled people to believe that he either had or was about to have OEM status. At the moment, Hennessey is just a tuner.

RUF, Saleen, BRABUS, Alpina, 9ff are legally OEMs even though they also offer tuning services. When you buy a RUF, it is legally a RUF. It has a RUF VIN (not Porsche). The Venom GT still has the Lotus VIN which is probably a few years older than owners realize. The Lexus/Toyota example isn't the same since both are legally OEMs (same company, too).

  5 months ago
Dunno either what to classify it as, But given there only bulding 29, It doesn't count as a production car( I believe Guiness counts 30) But no other "Tested" "Stock" car has reached that speed, Agera R prolly wond do past 265Mph, And a 2011 Ultimate Aero given enuff room, And a straight runway I believe could eclipse its time.

But one thing I did notice, Is the Roof Scoop, Wheels, Splitter, Exhaust look different in that run, And no Hennessey Badge....
  5 months ago, last edited 5 months ago
I can't say for certain if it's a production car or not. That all depeds on your definition of the term.

I know there are several cars out there that are based on the chassis of another car but still considered their own production variant.

One has to look no further than any modern manufactured car to see multiple cars off one chassis. Just because a Lexus ES is based off of a Camry, doesn't mean the ES isn't a production car. Though I see everyone's points and their validity.

If we start eliminating cars that are based off of other car's frames or chassis, then we will have to say "so long!" to a lot of cars.

One of my favorite cars of all time, the GT40, was basically a redesign of the Lola MK6 frame and chassis... We all know the history behind manufacturer's like RUF.

At the end of the day, all I know is... 270mph in a turn-key car, out the door, is very impressive in my book.
  5 months ago

"The Fastest Tested Top Speed Of A Stock Car"....

It's not a stock car. Legally, it is a modified Lotus. The performance is impressive but until Hennessey becomes a legal OEM, it doesn't really belong on this site.
  5 months ago
Its the fastest tested reached top speed of a car, Its a record in its own, Whether its a production car record, Dunno, I think you have to have a maximum of 50 cars built to be classified as a production car, Or 25, Somewhere round there, They have changed it thru the years. But I think this thing is as much a Lotus is as an Aston is a Mini. But theres a lot of holes in these top speed attempts now, Guiness striped the SuperSport of there crown, then gave it back lol "Special Conditions" So i dunno what to classify it as other the "The Fastest Tested Top Speed Of A Stock Car" Production or otherwise.
  5 months ago
Hennessey said themselves, even if they did both ways, (which they weren't allowed to), they still wouldn't have the record because they aren't considered as a production car.
  5 months ago
It didn't break the record yet. It would have to do 2 runs and the average topspeed must be over 431 kph to get the record.

But now that we have a new topspeed claim, we know it can beat the Veyron for sure. Atleast I don't have any doubts by now. The fact that it was faster than the Veyrons best run (434 kph) proves that.
  5 months ago
I'm still not sure if I would give it the record' it doesn't have it's own independent chassis and can in a nutshell be described as a tuned lotus with a corvette engine
  5 months ago
still much much better than the chinese dude who wrapped himself in the Chinese flag after doing the highspeed run for the Veyron Vitesse. At least the country in question had some part in the car.
  5 months ago, last edited 5 months ago
lol Yeah I thought that pic was a bit pompous. But hey atleast John Hennessey didn't try to bullshite them this time with that limiter excuse.

Should have been more like this lol

What the article didn't mention is the fact that the driver did this run while holding the flag and screamin' 'Murica F*uck Yeah!" LOL
  5 months ago
oh god, that picture with the flag...
  5 months ago
Well now, The Veyron SuperSport has been...Dethroned!


Hennessey Venom GT

Bout time they went for a real attempt. 1200Bhp, 1135Lb Ft, 2700Lbs, Manual, Sound of awesomeness,(Price is a bit high) But this is my kind of car.

And just judging by the video, The car had a bit more to give.
  9 months ago
we will most likely never know what "really" happened or not.

maybe the engine blew up, maybe not.
we have to accept what we get told.
  10 months ago
I read somewhere that after their top speed test run, the car needed an engine rebuild, which explains why they didn't go again because if the driver didn't miss a shift, they could have gone a little higher.

which makes me wonder a couple things. Did they purposely add overboost to get more out of the car, or was it that this is like a modified dragster that would go "bang clutter clutter" if you tried to push the car to the limit more than once?
  10 months ago
for now it is, Better than 'N/A'
  10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
Max speed isn't 266 Mph.
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