Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 laptime at Willow Springs

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 completed a lap of Willow Springs in 1 minute and 28.4 seconds.

Track Willow Springs
Type flying start
Vehicle Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Power / weight 507 ps / 1702 kg
Driver Randy Pobst
Time 1:28.400
Notes Re-test with new wickerbill on rear-spoiler
Submitted 07.04.2015 by Flabernat
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McLaren 570S1:27.21
Porsche 911 GT31:27.22
Shelby Mustang GT35..1:28.29
Camaro SS 1LE Packa..1:28.29
Camaro Z/281:28.40
Corvette SC6271:28.61
911 50 Years Edition1:28.93
Audi R8 V10 Plus1:29.36
Corvette ZR11:29.69
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BR2+  3y ago

Yeah you definitely dont need that stuff, Sometimes its better on certain cars, But not on this or some like it.

Its not every day you hear a Pro Race driver call a car Perfect, A Camaro to, Im still at odds with it, And its twice as much as a 1LE, And the looks are my only concern.

And newer isnt always better, Its some what of a shame people try to move to the future at an unprecedented pace rather then just enjoy the present(But i can certainly understand wanting to move ahead with better things.)

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Flabernat  3y ago

Agreed, I think it speaks volumes about the Z/28's driving pleasure and enthusiasm when a professional race car driver says "Don't you touch this car! It's perfect."
Chris Harris spoke very highly of the Z/28 also, and he was comparing it directly to one of the greatest drivers-cars ever; a (997)GT3 RS!
I've probably said this before, but I love this car(if for no other reason) because it proves you don't need AWD, a DCT, force-induction, computers, and so on... Newer isn't always better. :)

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BR2+  3y ago

Also what i find interesting, Is that Probst said the tyres used in the comparison test were burned out, Did he mention that in the comparison? Im also waiting the retest for the Huracan and 650S. Although its quite amazing a car that 75k can man a 50yr old man giggle like a school girl. And it did it while weighing 700lbs more and no dct and half the price of the GT3, And that says something.

But its still but ugly, But i cant help like it more the more i see it.

The new Camaros should be awesome, Along with the upgraded Corvetes

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BR2+  3y ago

All Camaros have 3 optional spoilers including the wickerbill, and splitters.

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NIN  3y ago

It's optional (Spoiler Kit - Wicker Bill Spoiler Kit - $395) so it should count.

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Flabernat  3y ago

I now love this Z/28 even more! :D
...Only 1.2 seconds behind a friggin' (991) GT3 0_0


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fakekillerfour 18m 

added laptime for Ferrari 812 Superfast and data for Ferrari 812 Superfast

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