McLaren 675LT 1000 m

According to "Motorsport", 2015 McLaren 675LT will finish 1000 m in 19.0 seconds.

Vehicle McLaren 675LT
Power / weight 675 ps / 1328 kg
Time 19.00 s
Trap speed 283 kph (176 mph)
Submitted 01.05.2016 by fakekillerfour
Reference Motorsport - April / May 2016
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Porsche 911 GT2 RS18.7
McLaren 650 S18.8
Huracán Performante18.9
Ferrari F12 TDF18.9
McLaren 675LT19.0
Aventador LP750-4 SV19.0
Aventador LP700-419.1
Huracán Performante19.1
Huracan LP 610-419.1
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saxy  3y ago

i just love how absent minded some people are just assuming expensive fast cars are going to be better at everything. A mclaren F1 road car accelerated faster than actual F1 cars above 150mph, despite having less than 1/2 the power to weight.

F1 cars must be horrible then.

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BR2+  3y ago

Well no car has the same time every exact time, So there will be differences. The major problem i have with McLaren, Is there just plain ugly interior, 300k and you just get that? But if you buy a car for its interior, A McLaren prolly isnt the best choice, Just my O

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Hayes  3y ago

actually a poor result rather than an underestimate

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Hayes  3y ago

Veyrons time is an underestimate. It takes veyron 14.6 seconds to hit 300kph yet here, it crossed line at 295kph after 18 seconds

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FastestLaps  3y ago

Perhaps not the greatest launch. I would expect it to be a bit faster than 650S. Or perhaps it has more downforce and limited top end... Anyway, being just a second slower than Veyron in 1000 meter distance... that says something. 675 is really Veyron quick!


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