BMW M3 laptime at Llandow

BMW M3 finished a flying lap of Llandow in 46.7 seconds.

Track Llandow
Type flying start
Vehicle BMW M3 (F80)
Power / weight 431 ps / 1589 kg
Driver Steve Sutcliffe
Time 0:46.700
Average speed 112 kph (69 mph)
Submitted 27.07.2015 by FastestLaps
Reference Auto Express Honda Civic Type R vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS3: track battle
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Nissan GT-R0:45.70
BMW M2 (F87)0:46.19
Porsche 911 Carrera0:46.30
Honda Civic Type R0:46.50
BMW M3 (F80)0:46.70
Honda Civic Type R0:46.90
Leon Cupra 280 DSG0:46.90
Audi RS3 Sportback0:47.00
Porsche Boxster S0:47.40
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saxy  3y ago

lol well if you look at the laps, the M3 and RS3 laps were set with a different start/finish line. as you can see he was braking on his way to the finish line. that's weird. And he could have easily late braked if he wanted to since the lap would be over already, and it wouldn't matter how the next corner would be screwed up.

nonetheless, a type R is not faster than a M3.

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BR2+  3y ago

I agree, I dont think it would matter what kind of track if its against an M3. Theres also the driver, Not saying he was bad, But the laps didnt look impressive the way he drove both cars.

And it doesnt take much to beat the sound of an RS3...

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FastestLaps  3y ago

Maybe the track is really tight. But even on a small track, I would still expect the monstrous M3 to be faster.

And, by the way, the Audi RS3 won the sound contest, hands down!

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BR2+  3y ago

Maybe the Civic is just really fast?.............

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Hans  3y ago

I don't take Auto Express too serious

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luckyluke  3y ago

Yeah, the time seems to be to slow. Like the 911 time.

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FastestLaps  3y ago

Slower than Civic, really, Auto Express?


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