9 Bugatti Veyron fails roadworthiness test - are hypercars legal in winter?

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Is Bugatti Veyron, worth several million dollars, good enough for road use in Northern Europe? Apparently not - not if it's winter.

Last Thursday an unsuspecting Veyron owner was unpleasantly surprised at the Latvian MOT roadworthiness test, when his precious new "investment on wheels" was deemed unfit for road use.

It turns out you do need winter tyres even if your supercar is not designed for winter tyres and no suitable "off-the-shelf" tyres exist in the market.

From December 1st to February 28th all vehicles in Latvia (and other northern countires) must be fitted with all-season or winter tyres. If you get caught with "summer" tyres with no "mud + snow" markings, you will receive 30 euro fine.

If you attempt to pass MOT test with wrong type of tyres, you will fail. Which is what happened to our Veyron owner who, by the way, used to have a Pagani Zonda and still has a custom "ZONDA" numberplate.

A lesson we learn from this is that not all 4 wheel drives make good winter cars...

3m ago by FastestLaps
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BR2+  3m

Just put slicks on it youll be fine, Its not like a little skid every hurt no body...

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sroser  3m

I think summer tyres are about the closest you can get to winter tyres for most supercars.

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cosimo  3m

the viper needs all types of aerodynamics attached to it so that the driver can drive it in a straight line without crashing, so it's not just n.europe but almost everywhere.

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hostboy  3m

I don't think even the Dodge Viper is street legal in Northern Europe during the winter.

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FastestLaps  3m

Most sportscars have somewhat "normal" tyre size for which you can find generic all season or winter tyre offerings from multiple tyre manufacturers.

Veyron has MASSIVE wheels - extremely wide and low profile. Coupleof years ago a set of Veyron tyres cost 20000 euros and you could only buy them from Michelin/Bugatti.

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flavioxy  3m

what sports car likes winter tires anyway. but you just put them on and you're okay

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sroser  3m

Bet this applies to many other cars too.

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FastestLaps  3m

If he gets stopped now, without inspection, the fine will be incredible 120 euros!!!

That's money he can't afford to lose, because he has to save up to get a different plate - you can't drive around in a Veyron with plate that says "ZONDA" - that's just wrong..

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saxy  3m

Haha. I think the avg Veyron owner couldn't care less about 30 euros but it is lame to know your million dollar car is not "fit" for the road

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