24 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ stuns Porsche with a new Nürburgring production car lap record

Cover for Lamborghini Aventador SVJ stuns Porsche with a new Nürburgring production car lap record

Porsche have been dethroned by Lamborghini once again.

Lamborghini have announced new production car Nürburgring lap record - 6 minutes, 44.97 seconds - for a new "hot" version of the Aventador - the Aventador SVJ.

I have done zero research on the subject, but my instinct says the "J" might have something to do with "Jota" - a name used for a "secret" racing version of Lamborghini Miura, back when Ferruccio Lamborghini was hell bent on not participating in any racing.and only producing road cars.

In 1990s the same "Jota" name was used for a more powerful version of Lamborghini Diablo which served in a single make Diablo racing series.

This new "Aventador Jota" will likely have nothing to do with racing as there already are different homologations of Huracán race car. But if you wanted to, you could go racing with it - the Aventador SVJ will feature similar active aero systems as Huracán Performante and will also have significant weight reduction, extra 20 horsepower and tweaked all wheel drive system. Order with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres and you will get a street car almost capable of holding on to a GT3 racer.


3w ago by FastestLaps
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grotiare  2w ago

Now wanna see Mclaren actually do a Nurburgring Record. The Senna is literally the perfect car for this track.


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hostboy  2w ago

Actually Senna is not a rival for svj. That'll be the 750 LT or 775 LT

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grotiare  2w ago @hostboy

Makes sense, Senna is a Hypercar and is probably a 1000 lbs lighter with the same HP. The svj and 750lt will be direct rivals for sure.

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saxy  2w ago @grotiare

The Senna has much more power, for sure, even the 720s has nearly 800hp

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Tyrone1  2w ago

they wont...

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Zulmiro  2w ago

Fastest car on the ring!

Once again a non hybrid model, surely makes one wonder if prensently the hybrid solution actually brings any benefit in terms of performance...

I know that technology is constatly envoluting, but dindn't take long to the 918, p1 and la ferrari get beaten by pure ICE at a fraction of the price... I had my suspicions then, and they have only increased with time...

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Streetrace2  3w ago

Audi power for you.

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QA51M  3w ago

Racing car seat and roll cage added. Seat may be lighter but that roll cagw definitely adds rigidity to the chassis which will improve handling. So this isnt the car customers will get unless they really add a full roll cage to evwry car which i doubt


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General Castilla  3w ago

can you persuade beavis & butthead when por-shee and lexsux lfa had roll cages with their out of this world lap time ? do the one of a kind bucket seats count too or the safety issue makes their times legit ? lol

this debate wouldn't be because the gt2 couldn't stay on top for some years to come ? lololololol




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BR2+  3w ago

Its all for protection, The seat is ther for an extra harness, or harness adapter, The cage is there for obvious safety, or it may even come with one stock like a GT3, And that cage wont improve any handling aspects or rigity unless it is bolted to the frame, Its there soley for safety, Most record users have them, Besised safety it may just offset the weight of the seat depending on how much they weigh, Or it will simply add more weight, not much, but it depends on the material its made from and what kind of cage, half full, If it actually is bolted etc, But i doubt that, But its nothing new to see a cage or seat on record runs, Companys gotta have some kind of safety and insurance.

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hostboy  3w ago @General Castilla

We had enough from you, Rebecca..

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Muricarulez  3w ago @hostboy

Show them your American Spunk Hostie!!

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General Castilla  3w ago @BR2+

but a camo raises more doubt than all the above you mentioned ? lololololol

you sure you're no hypocrite ? or you just trying to act all smart and all of a sudden trying to sound logical because por-shee happens to be one of your beloved cars ? baahahahahahahahahahaha

oh god, you sure are one dumbass butthead when it comes to getting exposed in public.

why would anyone in the world go out of their way to set a lap time with a funny looking headlight that looks like a cheap cover up ? it's not like nobody knows how fugly this things looks like and it's the worst selling car in the lineup. so give up the bs excuse about the next gen looks, cause this heap of sh*t wasn't meant to be a track focused car to begin with, let alone anyone heading to the track every week in 5,000 lbs obese toy from vw that will fail under 30 minutes. let all the promo videos bail you out and the chief engineer save your butt when things start to overheat. the best part is, when they brag about how much time was spent to develop all the bs and borrowed electronics from other models for this poop to go fast around the track lol

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General Castilla  3w ago @General Castilla


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Ionica  3w ago

Insane car....with camo or not....it's a fast car and because Lambo is with Porsche now...i'm 100% sure about that laptime....but for the same reason the SVJ could have a better laptime than 6.44. Anyway....my biggest curiosity is that "amazing lunch control" of the Aventador. How brutal will be this one?

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BR2+  3w ago

Pre production test car laptime, and look its done with camo.....And why do you wear camo?...............


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Giovanni  3w ago

With camo or not... it's the same care. I'm pretty sure they have a reason for that.

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FastestLaps  3w ago @Giovanni

The reason for camo is not to spoil the fanfare of model reveal which is coming soon.

Whether or not it is the same car as customers will be getting, we will never know, we can only trust (or not trust) Lamborghini as we do any other major manufacturer, Porsche including.

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Wealllovecars  3w ago

It’s also so interesting to see that once again there was no data or speeds released with the video. Lambo is probably playing with the tapes again lol jk. Anyways this car will be fast and the difference could just be on environment conditions for that day. Good for them though. Also I heard they had Pirelli there with them! Records are meant to be broken and I don’t see a ring lap time standing for more then 8 months with the way the car world is evolving. As car fans we are living in a good time!

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General Castilla  3w ago @FastestLaps

"Whether or not it is the same car as customers will be getting, we will never know, we can only trust (or not trust) Lamborghini as we do any other major manufacturer, Porsche including."

same car as customers and porsche used in the same sentence, lol

vw is running the show, anything is possible at the nurboring.

i have no doubt it can do sub 6 if the camo was taken off and a water tank borrowed from gt2 for some extra juice :))

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BR2+  3w ago @FastestLaps

I dont think any car that runs with camo should be counted as a time, ANY car, Dont care what it is, And if spoiling fan fare was the problem, Then they shouldnt release a lap until the car in unveiled, I dont question if the car can do it in under 7mins, But i dont by the fanfan part. I simply dont trust any car that is willing to make a laptime in camo.

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FastestLaps  3w ago @BR2+

If they wanted to cheat they could easily do it without the camo - just add extra power to engine, remove padding in some non-visible areas like back seats and trunk etc.

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FastestLaps  3w ago @BR2+

Remember the infamous Honda Nurb lap time with no rear seats, no air conditioning etc. It didn't have any camo.

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BR2+  3w ago @FastestLaps

Oh i remember that time, It didn't have camo, We could already see what they did, Plus they already admitted it wasnt the production car. Now if Lambo did that ot would make amends, Remember the 759 lap of the SV? And that got stomped on every track by a ZO6 and mostly Huracan?

I dont take ring times very serious since theres so much going on and uncounted for, But hiding things, Or not offering things that wont be on the actual car, is a big no no to me, I dont mind a roll cage we have disgused this before, Im not gonna say they cheated, nor do i think they did, But i simply dont trust camo'd cars.


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fakekillerfour 18m 

added data for Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

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