13 Nissan GT-R Nismo brings new Tsukuba lap record for "cars with doors"

Cover for Nissan GT-R Nismo brings new Tsukuba lap record for "cars with doors"

The R35 Nissan GT-R may be getting old but Nissan are reminding us just how capable the R35 can still be, by setting a new Tsukuba lap record - 1 minute and 0.293 seconds - faster than everything that looks like a road car with doors and roof.

Only car that can be considered "road legal" and has faster lap time is the Radical SR4 with almost indentical time - 1:00.29. Considering different weather conditions and variance in tyres, we can assume that both the Radical and R35 laptimes are equal. What's not equal is the usability of these two vechiles - Radical is not road legal in most of the world, and hardly usable where it is.

There are a lot of Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 cars in the top 10 places at Tsukuba circuit, and most notable ahcievement for the GT-R is win over much more expensive Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It is debatable whether Porsche got equal oppurtunity in lap count and trackside support, but this is not Nissan's fault - if Porsche really want it, they are free to go to Tsukuba with factory support and attempt a revanche.

With optimal conditions and optimal rubber, I have little doubt that 911 GT3 RS can beat the Nismo, but track records are not about theory - they are about actual achievement - who dares, wins!


6m ago by FastestLaps
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sroser  5m ago

Couldn't beat 1 minute?

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hostboy  6m ago

The 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 lapped the track in 59.93 seconds back in 2005. I have the DVD for it, but it cannot be uploaded to YouTube for copyright reasons. Nobody ever talked about that time for 13 years.


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cosimo  6m ago

when a gtr is capable of flipping off the track with all the gizmos and super traction, we're supposed to believe a pos from la la land to handle better and break the record that was built in 1965 ?

unless it happened with these two tampering with time :)


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sroser  6m ago @cosimo

Might have been on slicks. A '90s Cerbera 4.5 would show a clean pair of heels to Cobra 427 on road tyres around a track and would still stand zero chance against a Nismo GTR.

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Monolith29  6m ago @sroser

the 427 cobra is much faster than the ol tvr v6 or v8, 3.9 0-60 for the shelby... it also weighs as much as a mx5 with over 480hp. i believe its feasible for it to have that time on that particular track...but a track like green hell the cobra would be pitifully slow in comparison

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Fastedee  6m ago @Monolith29

480 sae horsepower?

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Monolith29  6m ago @Fastedee

sorry was wrong http://fastestlaps.com/models/shelby-cobra-427-s-c

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Monolith29  6m ago @Fastedee

they also made 2 or 3 of http://fastestlaps.com/models/shelby-cobra-427-super-snake

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Justsomeguy  5m ago @cosimo

Does it just suck being you? Because everything you add to every conversation is like an angry Debbie downer on crack. You aren't clever with your juvenile insults and nothing you post brings anything worth shit to any conversation. Pretty sure everyone just ignores you in the hopes you'll shut up and go away.

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Nev  3m ago

I once went out on the town with my mate....the 65 shelby cobra. We banged 153 chicks over the next 4 days....

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Nev  3m ago @cosimo

I once baked an almond souffle with nuthin but a jar of meguairs...a torque wrench....3 eggs and my 65 shelby cobra.

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Nev  3m ago @sroser

Might have been on NOS....forced induction and mushrooms...

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FastestLaps  6m ago

Thanks to honzakoubek for bringing this to my attention!


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fakekillerfour 10h 

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