Image of Toyota TS050

Toyota TS050 (Mk II) specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 875 kg (1929 lbs)
Introduced 2017
Origin country Japan
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Submitted by lafars
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Huynh Family  2m ago

What's the top speed of Toyota TS050 Hybrid?

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FastestLaps  11m ago

Team Toyota are PISSED OFF and charged up this year... after that horrible Le Mans fiasco.

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saxy  11m ago

No. The best laps were. 1:37.304 for Toyota and 1:38.615 for Porsche.

Quite a difference but apparently you are only allowed 2 aero set ups throughout the year. So I guess Toyota are faster here but would suffer elsewhere like Spa for having too much downforce.

1:37 is serious fast

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lafars  11m ago

laptimes from qualifyings are in!

toyota: 1:38,21 (kazuki nakajima)

toyota: 1:38,444 (kamui kobayashi)

porsche: 1:40,5 (earl bamber)

porsche 1:41,201 (andre lotterer)


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lafars  1y ago

porsche has also shown their new 919

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FastestLaps  1y ago

Endurance championship 2017 coming up soon...

Photo of Toyota TS050 Mk II


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brett 3h 

hp is 326!

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tyler 20h 

added laptime for Lexus LC500

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