Pagani Huayra laptime at Top Gear Track

Pagani Huayra completed a lap of Top Gear Track in 1 minute and 13.8 seconds.

Track Top Gear Track
Type standing start
Vehicle Pagani Huayra
Power / weight 730 ps / 1350 kg
Driver The Stig
Time 1:13.800
Average speed 138 kph (85 mph)
Notes NON
Submitted 01.02.2013 by topgear
Reference Top Gear Season 19 Episode 1
Views 3.8k
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sroser  2y ago


The Top Gear photos show the tires that the Huayra was wearing on the day of the test. Per Pagani's website, the Huayra comes with Pirelli P-Zero tires that measure 255/35ZR19 in the front and 335/30ZR20 out back. The Huayra on Top Gear had front tires labeled as 265/645 19, which is not a normal size for a road tire.

Another Pagani has tires that size. They are Pirelli P-Zero slicks that Pagani says were specifically designed for the Zonda R.

The tires on the car at Top Gear's track do have a tread pattern, but it is vastly different from the pattern on the tires the Huayra is supposed to have. It actually resembles the shallow tread of a Formula One intermediate rain tire.

There is more evidence that these are modified slicks from Teamspeed forum member mattjs33: The tires have indicator dots on them. Why would a tire that is supposed to be treaded need indicator dots?




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BR2+  3y ago

On the attack eh?..

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abcdeghi  3y ago

yes,the lap should be deleted as the car was not stock due to tires used.

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sroser  4y ago

This time should be removed. Tyres were not OEM, options or road legal.

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BR2+  4y ago

True, But i dont think they would sell them to a customer knowing he/she would use them on the street.

And yes, Completely agree with NIN, Not road legal, Just slicks with grooved markings to give the appearance of road legal tyres. Such a shame to see Pagani dip into such foul play.

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NIN  4y ago

It may not be the original stock tires, but upon request, since every car is custom built, I'm sure it is available upon special request

Pagani might as well sell the slicks. Either way, just because they sell/offer them doesn't make them street legal.

The tires used to set the TG time were not street legal. Ignore whatever Pagani says about the tires that are optional. 265/645-19 (front) tires and 325/705-20 (rear) tires with wear-indicator dots are NOT street legal ANYWHERE. They were slicks that were given a pattern similar to an old PZero Corsa pattern.

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BR2+  4y ago

The road legal Tropheos arent the same as the hand cut slicks used on the Top Gear lap, The grooves werent the same. If you read into this further and look at the tyre pics, There are little dots etched into the tyre in a certain pattern. Those are tyre wear indicator dots that are ONLY used on racing slicks.

Not too mention the tyres themselves dont have any type name marking on them, They just say the company name. Not too mention the size difference.


It may not be the original stock tires, but upon request, since every car is custom built, I'm sure it is available upon special request

^This poses an interesting question. But as far as i know, Customers can only hoose between 3 different tyre types, P Zero, P Zero Corsa, P Zero Tropheo.

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Luque  4y ago

The tires have proper tread, don't see how that's not road legal

Homologation procedures about tires for road use are quite complex.
Road use homologated tires are marked with ECE approbation number reffering to homolgation dossier. That’s not the case of a slick Pirelli despite it has a cutted pattern ...

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saxy  4y ago

The tires have proper tread, don't see how that's not road legal. It may not be the original stock tires, but upon request, since every car is custom built, I'm sure it is available upon special request if you look closely, the tires had more tread than many semislicks

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BR2+  4y ago

Uh no, They used slicks modified to resemble street tyres, The tyres they used on the lap are not the same offered on the car, P Zero, P Zero Corsa, and P Zero Tropheo(Which werent available till after the TG presentation)

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saxy  4y ago

They used semi-slicks... still road legal.

And I'm very sure if you requested those tires specifically at the Pagani factory, it wouldn't be a problem giving them to you. (not like any of us will have that experience)

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BR2+  4y ago

This time still needs to be deleted.

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Piorun  5y ago

How its possible that TopGear didnt know about it? TopGear is so shady "show" more than half of their actions are staged.

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Mental  5y ago

Well, shouldn't this laptime being deleted? The tires were not stock. I think I'm going to mark it as incorrect.

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Karthick01  5y ago

Very Good Lap Time.

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BR2'  5y ago

Question is, what will Top Gear do, im sure they have alred herd the facts swelling around the internet, but i also agree the time should be removed, and TG should run the car again.

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NIN  5y ago

I think there is more than enough evidence to remove this time.

Hand-cut slicks were used.

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Georg  6y ago

time under investigation... looks like Pagani used full Pirelli race slicks from thier Zonda R for the lap


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