Max speed 315 kph (195.3 mph)


Power 441 kw (591 bhp / 599 ps)
Torque 652 Nm (482 lb-ft)
Displacement 3.8 liters (232 ci)
Engine type tt v6
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6 speed dual clutch
Drive all wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2015
Home country Japan


Curb weight 1720 kg (3784 lbs) +


Power to Weight ratio 344 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 156 bhp/liter stats

FL Rank Position - 1770/1769, 0 points
Page views 31545
Car submitted by unknown

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo

Photo of Nissan GT-R Nismo

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Community comments (84)

  19 hours ago
  1 week ago, last edited 1 week ago
they didn't get a speciale, because like always, Ferrari don't like to give their cars out for detail tests with numbers. That's been true for the past few years. And especially if you don't allow them to pre-tune the car out for the specific tests you said you were going to do with it.
  1 week ago
In the 911Turbo S video, they tell you that Porsche wouldn't give them a GT3; the closest they could get was the Turbo S with the GT3's more aggressive tires(which I believe are now the same Dunlops as the GT-R)as a factory option. As for the 458, assuming it's available in the US, they may not have been able to get one due to sheer demand for the car; I believe every Speciale scheduled for production is already spoken for, so press cars may be in limited supply.

But, considering that this is Ferrari we're talking about, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they just refused to hand one over for testing because they're assholes like that. If you don't play by their rules, they won't play at all.
  1 week ago
No 458 Speciale and 911 GT3?! In a best drivers car competition?! Whaaa
  1 week ago
@deCT It was a typo error on my part. I have already flagged it as incorrect and asked for it to be revised.
  1 week ago
Ehh possible that I'm totally wrong in some point because the huge difference, but whats up with the Laguna Seca Lap-time? Motor Trend just recorded a 1:35.51 with the Nismo, not a staggering 1:13.51 (
  1 week ago
No it's the not the 997 porsche
  1 week ago
It is, So far the list includes...

Nissan Nismo GT-R R35
Bmw F82 M4
VolksWwgen Golf GTI MK7
Bmw I8
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo S
Alfa Romeo 4C
Ford Fiesta ST
Jaguar F-Type R

I think theres one more car but i cant confirm it, But i am dissapointed they didnt include the 458 Speciale, C7 Stingray with the 8L90, And the GT3.

  1 week ago
I hope this is included in the motor trend bdc competition this year. And where the hell is the track package everyone was talking about?
  1 week ago
The 2nd test of the Nismo, And it performs no better then a "Base" GTR?....What were Nissan claims again?..
  1 week ago
@Special go to school kid
  1 week ago
The german SportAuto Magazine tested 0-100 in 3.4 s and 0-200 in 11.2 s
  2 months ago
I heard that it can do the 0-100 in les than 2.5s.
  2 months ago
I'm sure the nismo version improves vastly on the track. Also the optional track package or whatever should really help.
  2 months ago, last edited 2 months ago
Where are the GTR "experts" to chime in on weight? I mean if it still weighs the same because they added some much needed braking/trans cooling improvements then ok. Considering the cars best known for its handling I keep hoping nissan will take care of the issues that plaque the ar on multiple laps in the heat. Who wants to go to a track day and have the brakes overheat or the trans go into limp mode? With all the tech in the car you would think those issues would be corrected by now.
  2 months ago
Nissan also claims a lot of stupid stuff, like how it said 0-60mph in 2 seconds!!! And I was surprised how many stupid people there were, actually thinking it could do that JUST because Nissan told them so. When a tiny bit of common sense would have told them otherwise.
  3 months ago

LF 1,068Lbs LR 1,062Lbs
RF 859Lbs RR 894Lbs

That equals to 3,883Lbs, Nissan says its lost 220Lbs, But they dont say how much its gained from the added stuff, It may be made from CF, But theres alot more bits that the original TP didnt have, There fore adding to its lost weight.

Nissan was also claiming a 10.5s 1/4 at 130Mph+ i believe, So i find it rather odd they would get the same time as a 2011 GTR....But im sure faster times will come.
  3 months ago
177 miles on the odometer?
That might explain the less than stellar performance.
  3 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
Car and Driver weighs every car on a four scale setup that is regularly calibrated.

If you look at their in-depth test sheets (not always provided), they display the weight at each wheel.

EDIT: Looks like the test that BR2 is referencing does include a test sheet.

Here it is:

The thing that bugs me about this GT-R is the trap speed is managed in the C&D test. 125mph at 600hp sounds a little weak. I know a local guy who makes a little over 500whp in his very lightly modded GT-R and he traps 126mph. It looks as though this GT-R's HP is accurately rated.
  3 months ago
@Monday...Of course

Dont blame me, I didnt weigh it, Car&Driver weighed the car, And thats what they got, You no as well as i do theres a huge difference between manufaktur claimed weight and actual tested weight, Its just as CSG said.
  3 months ago
No, you're wrong, as usual. Those weight figures are either from Nissan's own spec-sheet, or from C&D's scales. Either way, the NISMO is only 2lbs lighter than the Track Edition. Deal with it and stop making excuses.

Yeah, the exhaust is 22lbs lighter. 20lbs of which is apparently added back by the larger turbos and new aero bits. Carbon fiber or not, they still have mass.
  3 months ago
Actually BR2 C&D is wrong as usual the exhaust is 22lb lighter... LOL!
  3 months ago
Did they do anything about the brake issues? Seems pointless to add more power if the brakes wont last but a few laps till the fluid boils.
  3 months ago
the point wasn't to save weight, but to add lots of aero, larger turbos, and just more track performance.
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