Image of BMW M4 GTS

BMW M4 GTS specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1599 kg (3525 lbs)
Power / weight 313 ps (309 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 375 Nm (277 lb-ft) / t
Introduced 2016
Origin country Germany
Average fuel consumption 12.1 l/100 km (19 mpg US / 23 mpg UK)
Price in Europe €142,600 - €151,580
Views 24.8k
Submitted by FastestLaps


Top speed 305 kph (190 mph)
0 - 50 kph 1.6 s
0 - 60 kph 2.0 s
0 - 80 kph 2.9 s
0 - 100 kph 3.7 s
0 - 120 kph 5.2 s
0 - 130 kph 5.4 s
0 - 140 kph 6.5 s
0 - 160 kph 7.8 s
0 - 180 kph 10.0 s
0 - 200 kph 11.5 s
0 - 250 kph 21.6 s
0 - 60 mph 3.5 s
0 - 100 mph 7.9 s
0 - 150 mph 20.3 s
Est. 1/8 mile 7.9 s @ 99.4 mph
1/4 mile 11.7 s @ 121.0 mph
100 m 5.9 s
1000 m 21.5 s @ 255.0 kph
80 - 120 kph (7) 9.6 s
Est. 100 - 140 kph 2.6 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 8.0 s
100 kph - 0 31 m (102 ft)
200 kph - 0 119 m (389 ft)
60 mph - 0 30 m (100 ft)
18m slalom 72.3 kph (44.9 mph)
Emissions 199 g/km
Lateral acceleration 1.07 g (10 m/s²)
BMW M4 GTS acceleration graph


Engine type Inline 6 turbo
Displacement 3.0 l (182 ci / 2979 cc)
Power 500 ps (493 bhp / 368 kw) @ 6250 rpm
Torque 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) @ 4000 rpm
Power / liter 168 ps (166 hp)
Efficiency 41 PS per l/100 km
Power / €5000 17 ps
Transmission DCT
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

Laptimes 12

M4 GTS rivals

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flt158  7m ago

I recently purchased the August 2017 Evo magazine. On the section entitled The Knowledge (near the back) it appears that the M4 GTS is no longer in production. The entire line is in italics. This always specifies that the car is obsolete. The M4 GTS was produced in limited numbers. Only 700 were manufactured.
It truly was a magnificent car with 493 bhp.

Safe driving.


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saxy  7m ago

Truly magnificent? Lol more like truly a rip off.

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DrDuke  7m ago @saxy

yeah it would be cheaper to do these modifications by yourself

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flt158  8m ago

I am just noticing that the BMW M4 CS is now starting production; and I thought the GTS is being phased out. (Maybe not).

flt 158

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flt158  8m ago

Can anyone inform us if the BMW M4 GTS in still in production?

Thanks from flt 158


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FastestLaps  8m ago

Are you making a top 10 of worst cars of all time currently in production? :D

Just kidding - it's an awesome car. Just too expensive and getting some hate since the very negative JC review.

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fakekillerfour  1y ago

please add curb weight for bmw m4 gts: 1599kg

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FastestLaps  1y ago

So this car narrowly beat Porsche 911R in Motorsport Magazine straight line acceleration duel.

Congratulations M4 GTS, you finally beat something in anything! Btw, it was a perfect matchup, kudos to Motorsport mag!

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CarGuy35  2y ago

0-100: 4.2

Those estimates are stupid. Check out the reviews.

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BR2+  2y ago

...WHy are you posting estimates?..

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fakekillerfour  2y ago

estimates data and first drive by car and driver.

Zero to 60 mph: 3.4 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 8.1 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 11.5 sec
Top speed: 190 mph

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BR2+  2y ago

...Not every...

I bet it doesnt even loose 60kg

The carbon on the interior looks really nice, But cmon man, Carbon fiber inn a car used to be a special think, Know you see them in a 20k Kia.. And why is is ALWAYS the same black color? Cmon get some red/blue/green/orange etc i swear.

And what do they mean by fastest? Fastest in what?......

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FastestLaps  2y ago

Every chav's dream

In 15 years it will be chav's reality. Even though these cars will not go down in value like regular 3-series or regular M4 / M3.

My favorite feature - the OLED taillights.

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3.4L 2JZ-GTE @ 744bhp+804nm w/ 3  2y ago

please correct the time its 7.27.88 exactly. thanks

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BR2+  2y ago

Thats EXACTLY what it is, Plain and simple. Same as every other type of higher performance car.

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ferrariCA  2y ago

So it's just a 3-series with go fast bodywork? Obviously you know nothing about engineering

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FastestLaps  2y ago

Whether its ugly or not is open to interpretation. But I get your point.

The BMW marketing ppl probably say something like "make sure it looks much faster than standard version" or "make sure it has enough fast&furious bits to convince people about the 2X price tag".

And thats what we get - a 3-Series with lots of go-faster bits on the bodywork. And they even paint those in contrasting color, just to make sure everyone sees the difference :D

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BR2+  2y ago

Why is it, That every Bmw track car looks ugly? WIth exception to the amazing looking CSL of 04? Of course its just MO, But they have been ugly, The M3 GTS was okay, But nothing id call a good looker, And this one? A small spoiler that doesnt go with the car, Ugly orange rims? Like really? Atleast when Porsche or Dodge makes a track car they make it look like it means the business, And fantastic to look at too, Bmw seems to make there track cars look like teens who just want to make there car look "Cool" You can have GOOD looks and amazing functionality, My god just look how the new ACR looks,

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Lescyx  2y ago

For such a spectacular laptime, they should have renamed it after the "Legendary" - CSL ! ! ! (instead of GTS)

Photo of BMW M4 GTS


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Stephen Passingham 13h 

Country of origin. England.

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fakekillerfour 1d 

added laptime for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R, data for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50, laptime for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50, data for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S (522 PS), laptime for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S (522 PS) and more

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