Silverstone Southern Loop lap times

Rank Vehicle Driver Time
1. McLaren P1 Alexander West 1:06.00
2. BAC MONO Oliver Webb 1:08.00
3. Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) Alexander West 1:09.50
4. Radical RXC Turbo unknown 1:11.20
5. Caterham 7 Superlight unknown 1:20.90
6. Ferrari 550 Maranello unknown 1:21.93
7. RUF CTR2 unknown 1:22.63
8. TVR Cerbera 4.5 unknown 1:23.93
9. Ferrari F355 unknown 1:23.96
10. Honda NSX 3.2 unknown 1:24.40
11. BMW Z3 M Roadster unknown 1:25.62
12. Lotus Esprit GT3 unknown 1:27.41
13. Alpina B10 Switchtronic unknown 1:27.96
14. Lotus Elise S1 unknown 1:28.29
15. Porsche Boxster (986 204 PS) unknown 1:30.04
16. Ford Mondeo ST200 Anthony Reid 1:31.20
17. Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0 unknown 1:31.95
18. Ford Puma 1.7 125 unknown 1:36.08
Image of Silverstone Southern Loop

Silverstone Southern Loop

Silverstone Southern Loop is a racing venue in United Kingdom with 18 laptimes.This page represents the 3.2 kilometer (2.0 mile) configuration of this track.

Silverstone Southern Loop is a moderately fast track, with overall average speed of 139 kph (86 mph).

Country United Kingdom
Track length 3.20 km / 1.99 miles
Track record 1:06.0 (McLaren P1)
Front-drive record 1:31.2 (Mondeo ST200)
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BR2+  2y ago

Maaan, Why can't people come up with awesome names for tracks? Like take the worst yet awesome car names, And give them a hint. Like Magical Silver rock Wizard Circuit, There all so serious with no hint of fun.

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sroser  2y ago

@FastestLaps - Just noted in the picture, this layout is also called 'Silverstone International'.

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sroser  2y ago

1:11.2 - Radical RXC Turbo



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SpeedExotics 9h 

Oh yeah!!!

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