Max speed 306 kph (189.72 mph)
0 - 50 kph 2.3 s
0 - 200 kph 14.5 s
0 - 60 mph 3.9 s
0 - 100 mph 8.7 s
1/4 mile 11.5 s @ 120 mph


Power 339 kw (455 bhp / 461 ps)
Torque 609 Nm (451 lb-ft)
Displacement 6.2 liters (378 ci)
Engine type LT1 V8
Engine location front

General data

Gearbox 6-Speed Manual/7-Speed Manual
Drive rear wheel drive
Fuel capacity
Year of introduction 2014
Home country Usa


Curb weight 1577 kg (3469 lbs) +
Size 4.34 m (171 in) long, 1.81 m (71 in) wide and 1.19 m (47 in) high
Wheelbase 2.61 m (102.9 in)


Power to Weight ratio 289 bhp/tonne
Power per liter 73 bhp/liter stats

FL Rank Position - 1770/1769, 0 points
Page views 29639
Car submitted by BR2

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Community comments (347)

  3 months ago
delete the 1/4 mile
  4 months ago
I'm not opposed to overdrive gears, either, though I'd rather there be just one. They're great for cruising, and let's be real here, barring something like the N'Ring, what racetrack would allow you to run up to 7th/8th gear anyway? On the vast majority of tracks around the world, a Corvette would likely never go beyond 3rd gear. The only time it would matter is a V-max run, and who really does that in stock cars anyway? Even in something like the Texas Mile, the highest gear you'd reach is 5th, so the overdrives wouldn't matter there either.

What I'm opposed to piling on weight where it doesn't need to be. Safety regulations and the demand for interiors with every possible creature comfort are already turning cars into porkers, and all this fuel-saving stuff is just making it worse.
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
I'm also don't mind overdrive, it is very good thing, when you have a fast sports car which can save fuel on highway. It seems strange to me that there are two overdrive gears, especially with such similar gear ratios. For example driving on the highway at 90 kph on 7-th gear you have 1150 rpm, and on the 6-th gear āā‚¬ā€œ 1350 rpm. What is the difference? 1 Nm and 0,001 mpg? I think nobody will never use 6-th gear, it just make this wonderful car heavier and more expensive.
  4 months ago
Neither am i, But when there used in performance cars of this caliber i am, Again, Performance car, Not a car associated with people who give 2 shites if there car gets 40mpg. Maybe if they wanted to do a I6 version of the car sure, But not ones with this level of performance.
  4 months ago
I'm not necessarily opposed to overdrive gears, but what I am opposed to is the EPA creating stupid regulations that require overdrive gears...
  4 months ago
Short gearing on the highway can also be kinda loud for a street car. My Spyder runs over 4000 rpm at typical highway speeds with its stock 5 speed manual and 4.31 rear. I am sure it hurts fuel economy, and engine longevity. It is only a 1.8 liter in a lightweight (under 2200 lbs) sports car though, so I still get 35 mpg on the highway. :)
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
@saxy and Piorun; I agree with both of you, the tall overdrive really is appreciated on long highway trips. I have owned two Corvettes: a 1995 convertible with automatic and 2.73 rear end; and a 2002 convertible with six manual with 3.42 rear end. The 1995 got a consistent 27 miles per gallon on the highway, and the 2002 got 30 mpg. I found the fuel economy very useful. Conversely, I have found Mustang GT fuel economy to be disappointing: my 2011 six speed manual with 3.73 rear got 23 mpg; and the 1994 with automatic and 3.27 rear gets 21 mpg. That kind of difference really adds up on long trips.
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
I actually like this tall last mpg-gear. Especially if its the 7th
In old manuals the 5th tall gear would be a disaster in the sport car.

In other hand, look on cars like EVO, and 5 close ratio gears. Ok its fun and sporty, but why You have to rev engine to red line If You want to cruise on highway?

Its long life the engine, and its soo cool in big torquy V8 to use that low rpm power, which You would not have in turbo 2.0

Its good feature in a ROAD car.
In full track oriented monester - ok just make close racing ratio with the last gear for top speed.
But the base Stingray isnt so much track oriented. Maybe Z06 will be diffrent.
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
99+% of vette drivers won't need 6k rpm on top gear. but 99+% of vette drivers would benefit from a tall overdrive gear. I don't really see what's the arguing about. If you're gonna go full out hardcore performance, take the passenger seat out, radios, speakers, air con, carpets, and lose weight yourself before getting into the drivers seat.
It's just not neccesary to be so hardcore unless you are actually racing on a track against serious drivers against the clock.
  4 months ago
No arguments here, it is pretty stupid. Though I will say that I like being able to cruise around and now have to stop at a gas station every hour. But really, if you can afford to blow $50k+ on a sports car in the first place, you can afford to feed the thing.

Uh...Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but...:

7th and 8th gear in the 8spd will be overdrives. And the Z06 will apparently still have Eco/V4 mode(so much for limited production sparing it from regulations). Bunch of bullshite if you ask me. I've got nothing against V4 mode; it only activates in Eco mode, which my car will never see. But the hardware associated with it adds weight in the worst place possible: up front. Yeah, it's "only" about 30lbs+/-(going by Stingray figures), but that's 30lbs on top of an engine that would already be significantly heavier due to the supercharger and associated hardware, and reinforced components. All told, even with steps taken to make it lighter, the LT4 is likely going to weigh as much as the LS9, which was around 530lbs(again, because of the supercharger and strengthened parts), and it's because of crap no one who would buy the car wants. I may not be against better fuel economy, but I am against adding weight for no reason, especially on a car that's being advertised as "the most track-capable Corvette ever".
  4 months ago
Still though, Whats the point of a "Performance" car, If your just gonna limt its performance? Its Like the German 155Mph bullshite, That has been getting better, With Audi Quasi limiting there cars from 155 to 174(Still fkn stupid) and Bmw and MB doing the same, But still. I personally think Overdrive gears should only be in economy cars and cars like a Rolls Royce designed for comfort and getting good MPG, Hopefully one day this will change, Or hell it ma change in the 8L90 the ZO6 is getting, Im extremely curious how those gears are gonna be played out, Will they FINALLY gear a Vette with great ratios? Or will ther be 3...Overdrive Economy gears?(Which would be even more insane in a Stingray ZO6)...
  4 months ago
@ Fabernat: One of many reasons I despise the EPA.
  4 months ago
I've heard( I can't remember where) that the EPA would not let GM test the Stingray in ECO mode. So the MPG figures for this are much lower than one can expect(especially when in V4-Eco mode).... :)
  4 months ago
Yep, Corvettes do get excellent fuel economy on the highway. My most recent Vette, a 2002 convertible with six speed manual, got 30 miles per gallon routinely on highway trips. I had to downshift two gears in order to get some decent acceleration, but that was the necessary evil in order to get the fuel economy. It does hurt acceleration having double overdrives, making the new seven speed accelerate like a five speed in other sports cars, but it does actually improve real world highway mileage. I have to admit that the new Stingray is very, very tempting, great looks, fine performance, and a decent price. :)
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
It's a necessary evil at this point. With tighter government mandates on the way, the Big Three need to get MPG up across their entire fleets to keep the average high enough. Unfortunately for the Corvette, Chevy makes/sells enough of them for it to have an effect on the overall average.

Thing is, the mileage the EPA has reported for the Stingray is about the same as what 'Vette owners, myself included, have been getting for decades. Take a look at any forum you want and you'll see hundreds of people reporting 30 MPG or more(highway), utilizing the car's ability to cruise at extremely low rpms. Unfortunately, that's not how the EPA tests cars. They don't use special techniques, "granny driving" or skip-shift(which makes the overdrive gears even more stupid, since the EPA doesn't even use them); hell, as far as I know they didn't even use Eco mode to get their figures. They test the cars under what they call "normal driving conditions"(read: simulated conditions, since I believe all their testing is done in a lab).

The Corvette will be in a precarious position in the coming years. If it's going to stick around, it needs to be more fuel efficient. Barring that, it needs to be limited production so it can go under the government radar like the Viper. But if that happens, the price goes up, which would kinda defeat the purpose of the 'Vette, at least in base trim. It's all about compromise, and this time I think GM has chosen the lesser of several evils.
  4 months ago
6th and 7th are both overdrive gears, I know, Its fkn stupid, Has a huge effect on accel and the power band, All for the sake of gaining a few MPG if any, Honestly. I wish company would stop hindering there PERFORMANCE cars with this gas miileage bullshite, Who gives a damn about MPG when you have these types of cars, NOBODY buys these cars and say. "Hey, why doesnt this get the same MPG as my Prius?" Thas like adding a Tipo F140B V12 to a Dodge Caravan...Or an extra 2000Bhp on na Agera R..I am really tired of this.
  4 months ago, last edited 4 months ago
There is one thing I can't understand about this car: if it hit max speed on 5-th gear, 7-th is for fuel economy on highway, what is the purpose of 6-th?
And 1/4mile time looks like incorrect, I think Stingray is capable to perform 11,9-12,0 sec at best.
  7 months ago
Where did that 1/4 mile come from?..
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago

  7 months ago
"And it look that way: take a Corvette, Japanese sport car, and Europen sport car and mix things up."

Agreed. Just too much going on here... Looks more as a tuner than a production car... Or maybe just pics?
  7 months ago, last edited 7 months ago
If anyone has seen the interior renderings for the new C7Z, at least one of my predictions came true: it has a flat-bottom steering wheel. Assuming this thing is the real deal, that is. Here's hoping that lower half of the rear fascia is carbon fiber now, and functions as a legit rear diffuser.

I've only got one problem with the car as seen in those pictures...round exhaust tips. Bugged me with the Stingray, bugs me even more here. They just don't mesh with all the creases, hard lines and geometric shapes prevalent throughout the exterior styling. The Gran Turismo model made for SEMA last year had sort of oval/rectangular exhaust tips that were just plain awesome, complimented the taillights and brought the whole design of the rear together. Functional-looking carbon rear diffuser didn't hurt, either.

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