Image of Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG S

Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG S (W213) specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Introduced 2016
Origin country Germany
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Submitted by FastestLaps


Engine type V8 twin turbo
Displacement 4.0 l (243 ci / 3982 cc)
Power 612 ps (604 bhp / 450 kw) @ 5750 rpm
Torque 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) @ 2500 rpm
Power / liter 154 ps (152 hp)
Transmission 9 speed automatic
Layout front engine, all wheel drive

Laptimes 1

Track Time
Llandow 0:44.60

E 63 AMG S rivals

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Inline 6 rules  1d ago

0-100 km/h: 3.3 s
0-130: 4.9 s
0-160: 7.1 s
0-200: 10.9 s
0-250: 18.3 s
0-300: 33 s
1/4 mile: 11.24 s
1000 m: 20.42 s

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dddd  4d ago

V-box 0-100 km/h acceleration - insane !

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Inline 6 rules  1w ago

0-100 km/h: 3,5 s
0-160: 7,5 s
0-200: 11,5 s
Top speed: 300 km/h


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hostboy  6d ago

11.5 to 124mph is definitely good for a 610hp sedan. For any 610hp midsize sedan or a Hellcat. But this might in fact make 650 hp.

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hostboy  6d ago

Funny how I find the 0-100mph time more amazing than the 0-125 time.

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BR2+  6d ago @hostboy

....The last one made 676Bhp.................

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cosimo  6d ago @BR2+

just like your beloved naz-i11 with less power 100 hp than the competition and it quickly to catch up and with prototypes they just walk away as if an extra 200 hp was unleashed

you sure are so full of sh|t when it comes to other cars, anything out of your list is underrated and people need to take note

keep up the good work smartass, you're just doing a great job exposing your true colors

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hostboy  6d ago @BR2+

So I'm guessing around 710 hp...

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hostboy  1w ago

Le Moniteur had 0-60 kph in 2.5, 60-100 in 1.3=100kph in 3.8sec
0-160 in 8.1, 0-200 in 12.3, and 0-260 in 21.5 with a 1/4-mile time (actually 400m) of 12.1sec at 198kph.

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Fastedee  1w ago

Really Great Llandow time for 4 door but Porsche is one of the Lords of that track.

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cosimo  1w ago

this thing will rip a gt3 owners hole and smash it like a hooker

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DeDe  1w ago

AutoBild Sportscars 08/2017 - AMG-Special: E63 S SUPERTEST
- Sachsenring: 1:36.52 min (Vmax.: 229,1 kph)
- Measured power: 610 PS, torque: 885 Nm
- 0 - 50 kph: 1,4 s
- 0-100 kph: 3,3 s
- 0-130 kph: 4,9 s
- 0-160 kph: 7,1 s
- 0-200 kph: 10,9 s
- 0-250 kph: 18,3 s
- 0-300 kph: 33,0 s
- Quarter mile: 11,24 s (203,3 kph/126,3mph)
- Standing km: 20,42 s (260,5 kph/161,9mph)
- 80-120 kph in 5th/6th/7th/8th: 3,4/4,5/6,3/9,7 s
- 18 m slalom: 68,5 kph
- 100-0 kph: 34,7 m
- 200-0 kph: 138,9 m

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Inline 6 rules  4m ago

It has 450kw/612PS. Please correct it!

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Mercedes lover  6m ago

if could please add more details????????

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Mercedes lover  6m ago

My dream❤

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BR2+  9m ago

I dont see why it wouldnt.

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Robg  9m ago

Is it coming with 4x4 to U.K.??


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fakekillerfour 13h 

added data for Nissan GT-R (R35 570PS)

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